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  1. Hi thanks for the help I've looked on the USAF patch website still can't find it oh well keep trying cheers richard
  2. Hi ive just picked this badge up with a load of other 2nd wartime badges but just cant find what it is or who it was for have looked on the internet but just havnt seen it any were hope someone out there could help me it dosnt glow under black light thanks in advance yours richard
  3. Sorry to just but in but I have to agree with you on the quality of the Propstore service I've bought Eugene sledge's jacket used in ep7 Sgt Stones cammo jacket ep4 Lt Labecs full uniform and poncho (even stamped up makers marks and dated 1942) Hoosiers tags Doc Sterns tags and a cap all came with a certificate and came real quick only problem is there a bit pricey but I spose that's movie history for you. Cheers Rich
  4. Hi havnt been on for a time ive picked up this purple heart i dont normaly touch medals unless there low price .I found it over here in England it only cost 10 uk pounds from a guy on a car boot sale hadnt a clue what it was . The thing is its engraved SSGT A.SINUKS looks pro done so im unsure if its right or wrong . If it is right is there any way of finding out who he is or was thanks for any help Richard
  5. I still have no ideas as to what they are any ideas please thanks Richard
  6. I dont know why i just get lucky every week ill come home with something the best ive ever found was a camo painted german m16 helmewt with howitzers painted on the sides i supose going at 5 in the morning helps cheers Rich
  7. I have a wire splint DAVIES CO.INC EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT pat march 18 1924 just wondering if theres any info on it if its part of a kit or just general issue thanks for any help Richard
  8. Hi picked these up at the weekend yet another carboot sale here in England 1st one 42 dated boyt bar belt minty/ 2nd german zeiss zielsechs sniper scope/ 3rd usn life belt 1944 dated bar was £4 scope was £12 usn was £25 i think that was ok for the life belt cheers Richard
  9. Hi guys ive had these a long time now but unsure what they are i cant find them in any books .They look like para style gloves but not thet yellow colour and they have snaps on the inside not the outer hand marked c.f u.s.f on the under side. They have a ink contract number inside but not very clear any help would be great cheers Richard
  10. that is way cool we just can't own them like that in the uk
  11. Thankyou youve made my day it came with a british set of 37 patt webing that belonged to a para that fought at ranville on D-day thanks again RICH
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