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  1. Hi Dennis, Your vignette is astonishingly great, I love those very vivid guys. The crates are a little on the thick side but they do the job as the markings do as well.
  2. Hi, Many thanks for your kind comments and your interest in my models. See you Manu
  3. Hi all, Many thanks for your kind comments and your interest in my models. See you Manu
  4. Thanks a lot for your comments. To see the construction stages and how some parts were done, feel free to have a look at my web site to he dedicated page. For the lazy ones, the cupola, the track return rollers and a track link master (then duplicated in resin) were made in 3D. http://manu-military.e-monsite.com/pages/entre-2-guerres-30-s/ford-3-ton-tank.html Have a nice Sunday mates!
  5. Hi all, Here it is painted. Thanks for looking.
  6. Hi, This is my completed 1/16 scale scratchbuilt Ford T w/Kellner body. As a reminder, this kit has been built from scratch based on a handful of parts from the old Academy kit using 3 plies plywood. Many more photos on my site http://manu-military.e-monsite.com/page ... lance.html Thanks for looking.
  7. Dès announces a 1/16 scale Renault R35 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the battle of France. No date or price specified yet.
  8. A little update on this very old project.Thanks for looking.
  9. Thank you all! The masonry is finished on one of the casemates. It is ready to receive all the small finishing refinements such as the rivets not to mention them. I only have one left to finish but it's already underway.
  10. Hi, The engine deck is done. Still some more rivets to add to the front and rear of the hull, the tensioning system to create on both side of the inner panels. Once all these are done, the center hull will be totally done. Next step the gun barbettes and oustside panels (already in construction). Both tracks (148 cm long each) are already almost ready to be put in place in the very last stage of the process.
  11. Hi all, Though my work is at this stage still look rather ugly, this project is coming along pretty nicely and it at last starts to show what the result will look like. Next steps will be the exterior side frames then the gun barbettes and finally all the surface details such as the rivets. Thanks for watching.
  12. Thank you for your interest in this (long term) project. All the rivets come from the excellent Masterclub range. They have a pretty extensive range of rivets, nuts and bolts of different shape and diameters with very clean moulding. The only drawback is that they are in resin and thus can't be glued with styrene glue. So far the only part I scratchbuilt is the vision slit that I have had duplicated inresin by a friend. The mg's ball mounts are 3D printed. This build took me a cumulated five days time frame to achieve it. Thanks for looking, I'm now working on the side track frames, next one will be then the center hull and finally the gun sponsons ; pretty long term project...
  13. Hello, After a cumulated 5 to 6 days of work, here's where I'm. Thanks for looking. Manu P.S.: if ever I'm asked, here's the answer: - 275 rivets, 1,4mm, - 54 rivets, 1mm.
  14. The smallest and lightest “vehicle” of the US Army. Many thanks to Pat O’Day @ Battleground for accepting to make it in 3D. See you, Manu
  15. Hello, This is the new long term 1/16 scale build from scratch I’m starting to tackle with: the 1919 heavy tank MkVIII to complete my range of tanks of the interwar period (after the Chrsitie T3 built in 2010 and the most recent Ford 3 ton tank). The work has just begun so this is where I’m so far and I'll post more photos when more sub-elements are ready. Thanks for reading this. Manu P.S.: though in 1/16 scale, as usual my model will irremediably stay static.
  16. Manu-Military

    Renault FT

    Extremely well done mate! Good job on a too seldom seen subject : French FT under US colors in WWI. It's also very nice to see somebody modeling a tank not as a wreck into operational use. And thanks a lot for using the appropriate name of the Renault tank.
  17. This is my video of the jumps in Sannerville over the 6th Airborne division drop zones. This event was organized by "Daks over Normandy" and featured at least 11 Dakotas.
  18. This is my video of the the jump of Army precision jumpers and landing in the Church's place in Sainte Mère Eglise.
  19. Tom Rice, 97, the veteran of the 501st PIR, 101st AD who also jumped for the second time in 75 years over his 1944 drop zone last Wednesday had a "sea" ride in the sole navigable LCVP in Europe. Here are two videos showing him during this event: I took the 23mn one while on board of an accompanying boat and the other one is from my wife from the enbankment.
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