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  1. Jean Correct on both accounts. Collar sized rank on the the caps and the LT bars are slab sided, not beveled. Mark
  2. I was watching that one with interest. The uniform was Groff's but I believe that the ribbons and stars were not original to it.
  3. Is that the Groff uniform which just sold on ebay? I would think that a set of 1946 GO stars would be sterling - those do not appear to be. There was a company making good repos of those false embrodiered GO stars and that set looks like it came from the same company.
  4. John Small world. I have these and also his evening whites. I have a copy of his service file if you need any more info.
  5. Name: Frank A Czernik Muster Date: Dec 1938 Enlistment Date: 1 Nov 1938 Rank: Musician Station: Company ''D'', Third Battalion, Usmcr Navy Yard, New York N Y Name: Frank A Czernik Muster Date: Dec 1940 Rank: Private Station: General Service Unit, 3d Reserve District, Mbny, New York, New York Name: Frank A Czernik Muster Date: Oct 1941 Rank: Private Station: Aircraft Engineering Squadron Thirteen, Base Air Detachment One, Marin Barracks, Quantico, Virginia Name: Frank A Czernik Muster Date: Apr 1942 Rank: Private First Class Station: Aircraft Engineering
  6. Interesting to note that he changed his middle name. His 1946 tag is for John D Ballou but his 1950 tag is for John L Ballou. You have his service number so you should be able to send to St Louis for a free copy of his service file. That will provide all the answers you are looking for.
  7. Unless of course it wasn't his! I would think the 3rd MAC or the 5th MAC SSIs would also be applicable to the design. And, there is also another Marine who served in WW2 with those same initials - Charles T Frey. Unless you can prove that this was really his uniform I would suggest leaving it alone.
  8. Maybe it is just me but to my eyes the outline of the SSI does NOT look like a 5th MarDiv SSI. The outline has a center point, similar to what the older MAW SSI's had, and not the arched top like a 5th MarDiv SSI had. Compare the photos below:
  9. Anybody notice that the sergeant stripes and hash are blue instead of yellow???
  10. I was moving some items around in my collection and thought I would post this comment. The uniform is to a USMC sgt who was a turret gunner/navigator on TBFs. The wings are a padded embrodiered version on brown felt. The jacket is a standard QM issue piece - could the wings possibly be Aussie made? Has anyone else seen another like these?
  11. Here is his info: Name: Armstead, Robert C Enlisted: 15 Apr 1936 Commissioned: 19 Dec 1941 Officer Service #: 08579 Date of Retirement: 1 Jan 1968 Date of Birth: 14 Nov 1918 His rank at retirement was Colonel and he was also designated a Naval Aviator.
  12. I found this reference to the new style evening dress uniform. Looks like August 1948 was the start date.
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