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  1. Hi, time ago, I found this large size pin in silver color. The front side has a nice vintage patina, the back side it looks craft made, its not flat. I think may be its from 80s or 90s. Cluches say US made. What do you think? Some more info? Thanks
  2. These look short the others posted above
  3. Hi, I am new on Flag shoulder patches and I have some question to get practice about it. First, how can I understand if a flag patch is a genuine Army issued or not? On web I found a lot of shoulder flags patches, they look all same, just little differents on size, some look long and others short. Is there any standard size? Why the flag patches on uniforms are reverse? I attach some pics. The front and back of colored patch is from my collection, the green ones are some patches I wish to buy.
  4. I just wish to share with you guys a paint that I made as gift for a friend last month, I hope you enjoy. -Gio-
  5. Always issued in WWII era or post war?
  6. Thanks guys for all the info. I cheked well and there is not one mark on blades, so according to what I read, I think is not a british claps knife. I'd like to know what was used for that kind of awl, that now is desappeared on the modern current claps knives.
  7. Saw on web, thanks too Todd... This patch was a present from friend that picked it up from a market. He said the seller, sold it as an US PARTAROOPER patch eh eh eh, when I saw it I told him that it was not possible, I know well US Parà patches, but I was curious as well about it. Yesterday I told him that the patch is Korean, he couldn't belive
  8. Can anyone help me for this patch? -Gio-
  9. I think this pic is in the forum too, but I am not sure...
  10. Thanks guys, for the info, should be any stamp or engraving on handle or blade? Because it's realy tarnished because of age, I can't see anything. About thread, yes was better to post it in tne Edged Weapons Sections, but I can't move it. -Gio-
  11. Hi Guys, this knife comes from a stock, found some weeks ago in a old country house on the Gothic Line. During the restoring of it, the new owner found a box under basement with these knives . So I don't know don't know if it comes from WWII era and if it's from Ilalian army, British, Polish ecc... What's you opinion? -Gio-
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