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    Vietnam and KW bringback weapons, particularly snipers.
  1. Awesome display, and so glad you were able to get this home.
  2. Nice to be able to get these back.
  3. Really neat souvenir and I'm so glad that it was rescued!
  4. Really great! Can't wait for your further writings, giving this hero the recognition he is due.
  5. LK is awesome, very straight and honorable and a good collecting friend..A very knowledgeable collector. I was responding with my impressions of a person behind enemymilitaria.com
  6. This was all before he and his brother started Enemy Militaria.
  7. I dealt with him a lot in my early years of collecting. Got some great items. Also got a lot of items that as I became more experienced as a collector, I felt were total turds with bad provenance. Too many to be a coincidence in my mind. Others had the same experience. The final straw was when i returned a Bulgarian Makarov and a 91/30 PEM which both had bad papers and I doubted the PEM with its "jungle made" base. He took them back and never refunded me for them, almost $4k. And he resold the sniper, with the bad paper to another collector.
  8. We've all been in your situation more than once. There's a couple of dealers that I won't buy anything from, no matter how good it seems, as I just don't want to perpetuate their ilk. Sadly they seem to keep surviving and thriving.
  9. Every time I see this SMG as well as the rest of these items I am impressed all over again. Great items!
  10. Truly awesome find! My neighbor's father was 442 and he still has his yearbook and Ike jacket. He game me his trench knife maybe 30 years ago and it's somewhere in a box. Somewhere...
  11. Nice save for stopping this great grouping from being separated.
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