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  1. Dear Tonomachi, Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. They come from a "bullion" grouping I've found in France (probably local made ?). I will keep the track in mind. Have a nice day, B
  2. Dear All, Here are my bullion ones. Best regards, Susan
  3. Dear All, I have find this pair of bullion collar badges. Could you please help me to identify them ? I have place a 2nd lt rank as a scale. Thanks a lot! Susan
  4. Hello, Maybe him ? https://commissionchiropractors.com/2010/09/09/a-heros-farewell/ B52
  5. Dear all, i have found this set including a service shirt and a matching trousers of a lieutenant of the Dental Corps. The name tab and the patches (logistical command and 44th Medical Brigade) are locally made. Would it be possible to find some information about this dentist ? Career etc... Thanks for your kind help. Best regards B52
  6. Dear Owen, Thank you for your comment. Best regards B.
  7. Detail of the lining made of TS canvas. Cheers, B52
  8. Dear all, I am the happy owner of this trousers, made of a strange camo ripstop canvas (mix between ERDL and Woodland). The cut seems to be south vietnamese: very small size, rear and legs pockets, distinctive buttons. In addition, the fly has been reinforced with a piece of tiger stripes fabric. I wanted to know if you have ever seen such a camo ? Have you got any information about it ? I presume it is a late war production ? Thanks for your help and comments. Best regards, B52 Sorry for the low quality of the pictures.
  9. Hi Tom, Niiiice ! Thanks a lot for your help ! A display is on the road ! Regards, B52
  10. Hi everybody, Thanks for your answers. Regards, B52
  11. Hi, I just found this afternoon this parachute for USAF pilots in a little store in Paris. I didn't manage to identify the pattern : could someone help me ? Best regards, B52
  12. B52

    P41 jacket

    Hi all, I just found this P41 jacket with name stamped on the pocket and written inside the jacket. There is also the rank of this marine and his . Is it possible to find his career ? Regards, B.
  13. Hi, There is the same model on this website : http://www.aef-doughboys.com/browning.html So... ?
  14. Hi all, I find this Browning Automatic Rifle Belt, 4-1918, 5-1918 & 7-1918 dated. It seems that it has been modified (with a colt .45 pouch and a US stamp on it) Is it credible if I use it on a WWII USMC display ? Best regards, B52
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