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  1. Hey guys, well my friend just inherited this grouping off of his recently deceased Grandpa. His name is Harry R. Moore. From what I can see it looks to be a merchant marine grouping. Could you guys help me on some of these ribbon bars, as I have absolutely no clue when it comes to this type of navy regalia. He rose up to the ranks of colonel and was a personal guard for LBJ. Any help would be appreciated especially for the sword and the bar. Thanks Ryan
  2. Hey guys, I just recently picked up this patch in a trade. From the very little research I have done is this patch a rarer variant of the normal closed coil 59th ID patch? Also around how much would this patch be worth? Thanks Ryan
  3. Hey guys, i had a quick question, is this patch an authentic WWI patch or a 40s Patch king patch? Thanks Ryan
  4. Nice collection! Those two SS daggers in the end are fantasy fakes. Ryan
  5. Thanks for your help. I actually bought this out of a naval academy lot with a named naval academy overcoat.
  6. Hey guys i just recently picked this up in a lot, I got these 4 Shoulder boards and three bullion trumpet patches? What do you guys think of these, I honestly have no clue on these so any info would be great. Thanks Ryan
  7. Ok thank you so much! Is the Seabee SSI rare at all? Sorry for all the questions I am not good at all with patches. Ryan
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