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  1. Bill The Patch - better yet, at least I didn't have to find 101 101st Airborne, would have cost a kidney at least! Mort - One from you directly, others I believe you had at one point before. As for the bourbon, my favorite is the one in front of me. Based on the bet I may ask for 4 Roses, ha. John4022 - Keep looking their still out there trust me. Bellumbill/Manayunkman - will get around to it, probably in the uniform section. Its not named, the tie has a laundry stamp but know knows. George - I still have some other pictures to send to you, don't worry I haven't forgo
  2. And finally the last two insignia related pieces are these WWI era photo and RPPC. In the end I missed out or was outbid on a number of other patches and uniforms for the 34th Division this year, but for what I was able to pick up I am very happy with the outcome of 2020 collecting wise. I hope everyone had a great year collecting and look forward to seeing my fellow collectors in 2021.
  3. Two more uniforms from the modern era. First is a named piece to a current 1 star General in the 34th Division. This BDU is from his time as a Company Commander in 135th Infantry around their time of a Kosovo rotation c. 2004ish. The other Class A uniform is arguable one of the rarest 34th Division units to find today. While there have been plenty of members in the 194th LRSD what makes this piece even better is that fact that the uniform is bookended with 34th Division and Airborne patches which was only worn by those on the 194th LRSD who deployed to Iraq in 2004-2005. Less
  4. My first right sleeve 34th Division Ike came about in 2020 as well. I was able to obtain this from a local seller and collector after lusting after it for a number of years. Arthur J Peterson was from Minnesota and an artilleryman in the 34th Division. During WWII he rose to the rank of Colonel and was awarded a LOM for creating counter mortar SOP for the Division and rest of 5th Army. After WWII he would serve with the 24th Division in Korea, tragically he passed away when his plane crashed in 1953 on the way to Japan.
  5. Some of the pieces I got are still on the uniforms. This first one is the result of going to shows and talking with other collectors at the show. While at SOS I was talking with a few collectors and one remembered I was into 34th Division pieces, he put me in touch with a collector and we were able to work out a deal for this Ike as well as the two scarves mentioned earlier. Nearly every other piece of insignia on this Ike is theater made too. The right sleeve has a bullion 88th Division patch and Italy tab as well.
  6. A few of the modern era Red Bull pieces. The desert subdued one has velcro sewn to the reverse and came on a modified DCU. This was probably worn on the coming home uniform of a Red Bull from 2005ish era when modified uniforms were the rage. The one of the right is an unknown piece that popped up in a BIN lot on eBay.
  7. The WWII era pieces, most are Italian theater made. The red bordered one is on a red scarf and the direct embroidered one is also on a scarf.
  8. At SoS this past year a friend made a wager to me, being the gambler that I am I had to take him up on it. The bet was that I could not find thirty four unique 34th Division patches and tabs for my collection by the end of the year, the stakes were a bottle of bourbon at the next SoS. I'm currently waiting on #35 to make its way in the mail, and I'm not to sure on one if its a good piece or not so in the end I may end up with only thirty four, but that's still a completed task for me. As a point of clarification on some, the tabs and the patch that came with it would count as two separate p
  9. I should clarify that my first sentence was not about my stellar insignia, but about the previous pieces shown by other members. While I think mine are awesome in their own right, there has truly has been some great pieces shown by others.
  10. Some truly stellar insignia shown. This year after SoS I changed collecting focuses and predominantly only sought out 34th Division pieces and For Your Life series . Still managed to find some decent pieces, even after I switched too. Scanner is dead so had to take a photo with my phone, not the best quality.
  11. Here is a patch I found while overseas. From some element of the 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team. Kept this posted at the entrance to my whack shack while deployed, the decoy is long gone but I have the patch still.
  12. While not a red bordered example, here are a couple of Cavalry related II Corps. The top one is the style that Tredhead mentioned where the piece is sewn directly to a solid felt backing. Below it is a variation that I picked up at the ASMIC show in 2013, it is a II Corps that has been embroidered to a piece of yellow cloth.
  13. One of the finest 9th Army pieces I have, Japanese made by the Hashimoto Company
  14. Top Row from left to right: Mexican Service Medal, WWI Victory and Minnesota National Guard Service Medal (the XV represents 15-19 years of service) Ribbon bar is: Mexican Border Service, WWI Victory and Minnesota National Guard Service Medal for at least 25 years of service.
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