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  1. Pre Gulf War uniform most likely. Looks to be a 1970s era Perma-Press OG 107 uniform, no tags could be private purchase. Patch combination is nothing to worry about, 82nd was under the 18th Airborne Corp at that time if memory serves me correct. Pocket patches are known school/skill pieces commonly found on uniforms, and soldiers have been allowed to wear foreign jump wings in the location of where the Canadian ones are. I have a USAF Col. Uniform with Canadian jump wings on it myself. By the Gulf War they were wearing BDUs as those began being fielded in 1982 or so.
  2. You’re right, it did end earlier. The Army stopped wearing the BDU by 2008, other services later. My mistake. The BDU replaces the ERDL and RDF patterns, there was a desert pattern as well which was same basic design, but in tan and browns. Both the BDU and DCU were replaced by the ACU which was fielded circa 2005/2006.
  3. The jacket is circa anytime between 1981 and 2014, that’s when the BDU pattern was first introduced and it’s final wear out date.
  4. For me I lean both ways. There are some parts of my collection that I enjoy, but not as much as others. If I am looking at a piece I first make the decision on will another one, or one like it, pop up again and if so how often, and is that price within what they normally go for. If I think I can find one later Ill pay my price, if not or it would be a long time, I pay their price. Now there are a few areas in my collection, ok one real area, that when Im at a show I pay what I need to pay. Not to many variants Im actively searching for so when I see one, well Ill be handing over the cash
  5. No problem, my old unit so I snag them whenever I see one. Its been years since I last saw one.
  6. Finally an Army Green border one being worn.
  7. A few more OD borders, the right one looks to be glued on. Both are the laundry stamped to the same individual, bought them from an estate seller on eBay six months apart.
  8. HBT is the earliest I have with a 194th on it.
  9. Here is how it would have been worn on uniforms, none of the four have a patch on the shoulder.
  10. If you cannot Run For Your Life, you can always Swim For Your Life too
  11. Ok, Longhorn isn't the only one benefiting from staying at home. Over the years I came into an obscure niche of collecting, and that area has been pretty stagnant over the last few years. I'm lucky people are staying at home, in the last five weeks I have found more than the last few years. Goes to prove you cannot outrun the Coronavirus
  12. No bull***, thats a Nice Red Bull uniform! Thanks for sharing! - From a fellow Red Bull, and Red Bull collector.
  13. Ive also seen a few 34th tabs that have the upside down 4 myself. Dont have an example myself, but the 4 on my other tab looks almost like an L. It seems to be that the variations of tabs are as endless as the variations of the SSI. This makes my fourth Red Bull with metal numbers added, but my first for an Infantry Regiment. This is part of a larger group that had some great souvenir scarfs and other TM insignia. Like I said no name, but this grunt was obviously proud of his time with the 133rd IR, 34th ID and 88th ID based on all the pieces on the uniform.
  14. Post SOS buy, but the wheels were in motion that weekend. I was floored when I saw the original photos of the group, once I got it in hand it took a bit to pick my jaw off the floor. No name, but it has some stunning insignia on it! The 34th is on the left sleeve, 88th on the right side. The group also came with a photo of the vet wearing the the uniform, but sadly no name. Hope you all enjoy this new addition to my herd as I do.
  15. Same guy Gil, didnt find any at this show - rarely find ones I need online either.
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