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    USSF uniforms, headgear, and equipment. ANY Central American war militaria. US captured items from interventions/operations post Viet-Nam. Viet-Nam era militaria. Southern African Border War militaria. Communist/Marxist liberation organization militaria. OEF/OIF militaria.

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  1. I concur with 173rdlt, good looking top.
  2. I do not collect DUIs, but this was a gift from my dad recently. I believe all 70 of them are Engineer related. Various makers from what I can tell. I collect modern combat items, so this is way outside of what I collect.
  3. One of the coolest (or hottest) things I've den in a long time.
  4. The direct lineal descendant of the Vietnam era tigers being used by our Special Forces members in Afghanistan. Desert tiger stripe combat shirt and pants (non-modified). Made by Tiger Stripe Products and most likely modified in Afghanistan.
  5. Not a US item, so this thread has been locked.
  6. As this not a US item and this is a US militaria forum, this thread has been locked.
  7. nkomo

    Stinky uniform

    I always place stinky uniforms near my dehumidifier and that works very well.
  8. This topic was moved from the Display section to the more appropriate Spoils of War section. Just a reminder that we do have a sister forum called the World Militaria Forum where you can post your non-US items to share with other collectors. https://www.worldmilitariaforum.com/forums/
  9. For me, I have seen more than a few ERDL and RDF uniforms that have been patched up. I will add some of them have been patched more than a few times. I imagine your shirt has been repaired by the soldier himself as opposed to it been taken in and having it professionally repaired.
  10. For myself, I put moth ball smelling items next to a dehumidifier. Works well for me.
  11. Moved to the proper Firearms forum as this was asking for advice and not for sale.
  12. Jeff is one of the good guys in the hobby and I have bought from him many times with no issues whatsoever. The DCU you posted is perfectly fine and is a good solid example of an 82nd Airborne jacket.
  13. I know the word "rare" is thrown around a lot, but this jacket truly fits the word. Incredibly rare.
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