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  1. Hello I present this US dagger of course it comes from the center of France it is personalized with a handle in plexiglass rings for the scabbard I can read O L S CORDIALLY
  2. Hello this day a classic imperial usm3 (I already have others of course) but the adaptation of an avenger sheath (model 1916) on a leather m really liked it would come from a gumier according to the provenance see you soon
  3. Hello for your opinion find in France it seems like it was personal modif I have a friend who has one and I have already seen in I'm looking for a scan cordially
  4. Hello this dagger lion is on sale in France for over 2 years and can not find takers I advise against all because I have a big doubt even if I have not seen a copy of the handle with the groove but all is possible
  5. Hello I share with you my new usm3 received as gifts from a friend
  6. http://www.survivalknife184.com/wilson/wilson.html
  7. Hello it seems that only 200 were made according to my research and that it does not have any current Thank you for your opinions
  8. fabnatcyr

    v 42

    HELLO A word for everyone to thank you for your advice I thank you on BRICE because thanks to him my friend could have his v42 without any problems so I recommend to my turn and do not hesitate to order from France if some countryman smooth and want to order
  9. fabnatcyr

    v 42

    Hello a mail is gone I knew that I had already read in the messages that the daggers had their owner (and serious) in the corner thank you all
  10. fabnatcyr

    v 42

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/USS-Omaha-Case-V42-Stiletto-Fighting-Knife-US-WW2-Dagger-Navy-Collection-WW-II/362217169294?hash=item5455d3618e:g:69oAAOSwVLRaYMEc https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW-II-Case-V42-Stiletto-FSSF-Fighting-Knife-US-WW2-Dagger-ONE-OF-FIRST-500-MADE/112776301535?hash=item1a41fdcbdf:g:qEsAAOSwXzNaal2u Hello everyone I would like your opinion on the 2 v 42 of ebay a friend would like to take the 2 (still need to see for payment and transport with good insurance for France) I think she is ok even if the price is high all good advice cordially
  11. Hello yes it was missing a photo explanation below by RON FLOOK The knife would date from after 1890 which is when to comply with US tax laws items had to be marked with country of origin.
  12. Hello a piece found in France seems made with a bayonet us
  13. HELLO actually 2 sort of handle for my 2 copies the marking is more or less well mark it comes from the process of manufacture: sand casting seems t he
  14. Hello beautiful presentation and beautiful knife
  15. Hello thank you for title and information
  16. Hello a friend to buy this coin on a sales site in France how can you find information based on the name of the soldier for the blade do you have an idea ???? THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP
  17. Hello beautiful restoration this dagger is gone for a second life
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