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  1. Hello I present this US dagger of course it comes from the center of France it is personalized with a handle in plexiglass rings for the scabbard I can read O L S CORDIALLY
  2. Hello this day a classic imperial usm3 (I already have others of course) but the adaptation of an avenger sheath (model 1916) on a leather m really liked it would come from a gumier according to the provenance see you soon
  3. Hello for your opinion find in France it seems like it was personal modif I have a friend who has one and I have already seen in I'm looking for a scan cordially
  4. Hello this dagger lion is on sale in France for over 2 years and can not find takers I advise against all because I have a big doubt even if I have not seen a copy of the handle with the groove but all is possible
  5. Hello I share with you my new usm3 received as gifts from a friend
  6. http://www.survivalknife184.com/wilson/wilson.html
  7. Hello it seems that only 200 were made according to my research and that it does not have any current Thank you for your opinions
  8. fabnatcyr

    v 42

    HELLO A word for everyone to thank you for your advice I thank you on BRICE because thanks to him my friend could have his v42 without any problems so I recommend to my turn and do not hesitate to order from France if some countryman smooth and want to order
  9. fabnatcyr

    v 42

    Hello a mail is gone I knew that I had already read in the messages that the daggers had their owner (and serious) in the corner thank you all
  10. fabnatcyr

    v 42

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/USS-Omaha-Case-V42-Stiletto-Fighting-Knife-US-WW2-Dagger-Navy-Collection-WW-II/362217169294?hash=item5455d3618e:g:69oAAOSwVLRaYMEc https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW-II-Case-V42-Stiletto-FSSF-Fighting-Knife-US-WW2-Dagger-ONE-OF-FIRST-500-MADE/112776301535?hash=item1a41fdcbdf:g:qEsAAOSwXzNaal2u Hello everyone I would like your opinion on the 2 v 42 of ebay a friend would like to take the 2 (still need to see for payment and transport with good insurance for France) I think she is ok even if the price is high all good advice cordially
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