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  1. The following shoulder boards came from a Marine Vets estate, WWI helmets 3 each, and these were in a MODEL 1916 MEAT CAN, any help greatly appreciated... Thanks Sean
  2. Wow, hate that, but many thanks... Regards Sean
  3. Any help identifying would be greatly appreciated... Sean
  4. Thx Corporal Norton, was hoping it was listed as a DCM sold rifle, I am familiar with the NM and understand this couldn't be one... this rifle is very nice and came from an old collection, just wanted to make sure nothing was out there for this SN... Many thanks Sean
  5. I have acquired a M1903A1 serial #1423874 with a SA Barrel Dated 12-32, Has an early type C stock, seems the trigger humps are polished per Brophys. Does anyone have the springfield research records that list this rifle? Stock has no drawing numbers and is Mark square P on pistol grip and San Antonio Arsenal with Star in a box. Rifle is parkerized green. Many thanks Sean
  6. Bought a Ozone machine at a pawn shop, industrial strength, they use them on used cars that have been flooded or smoked in and it will remove any smell and kill mold and bacteria just For future reference....
  7. Awesome info...fast, When I was 10 or eleven on a Saturday my parents had went to a yard sale that was listed in the Atlanta journal I had called and the Lady had said she had set it aside, found his ID tag in his gas mask bag along with mask and repair kit, he had inscribed his name on the Bag and also the pistol belt...got his Helmet also, but it is unmarked as I recall... Talked to him briefly on the phone! Many Thanks Sean
  8. Awesome find! I'm sure further research will expound upon an already amazing story! Thanks for sharing. Sean
  9. Any help would be appreciated. I believe this to be a korea vintage helmet, later used at Airborne School as it has roster # remnants on front. It is swivel bail, lot looks to be 1162D and as you see in pics, straight 3" vertical lines painted over on each side, they are 1/2 in. wide. There is a name and service # on inside... Jerald B. Robichaux RA 25505823
  10. Here are the Pics... Clinton E. Sutherland, have his gasmask and a mills pistol Belt...talked to him on the phone in 1979 or 1980, he lived in Atlanta,GA
  11. Great collection, always nice to see early mint items without washed out tags!
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