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  1. Hi, I've updated my website www.combat-relics.com with 60+ new items. This update includes a good number of US items and I've started listing a large US insignia collection with many CBI's. We've got a lot more US items to be listed over the next few updates as well. Check it out and please consider joining our mailing list on the homepage! Sincerely, Steve Turner
  2. Hi, I've updated my website www.combat-relics.com with 45+ new items today. Please stop by and check it out, and consider joining our mailing list by entering your email address on our homepage. We're also on Facebook and Instagram for members on there. We're in the process of buying a very large US insignia collection, so keep posted, we have LOTS more US WWII items inbound! Sincerely, Steve Turner
  3. Hi, I just wanted to bump this thread as I ended up doing another September update with a lot more US gear this time. Sincerely, Steve Turner
  4. Hi, I've just update my website www.combat-relics.com This update is much larger than normal and we're open to keep up this pace. US items of interest in this update include U.S. Marine Corps uniforms. Please consider joining our mailing list by entering your e-mail on the home page. Thanks, Steve
  5. Hello members, I've just completed 23 August 2020 update on my website www.combat-relics.com The new update covers a wide range of militaria and includes some quality US items to include a mint USMC pistol belt, a salty combat used USMC P41 tunic from Korea, and Vietnam tiger stripe fatigues. Please consider joining our mailing list. You can subscribe by entering your e-mail address on our main page, and you will receive an e-mail whenever the site is updated, typically once or twice a month. Sincerely, Steve Turner Combat-Relics Inc
  6. Thanks for the comments! I didn't see any contract markings but I will look again. I'm glad to have gotten at least some info on these. Regards, Steve
  7. Hi, I've completed several more updates to my site since last posting. Today's updated includes some really interesting US uniform items, including a US Navy Combined Ops set. Please check it out, and if you haven't already, please consider joining our mailing list by subscribing on the main page. Sincerely, Steve Turner
  8. Hi, I've just completed another update on my site www.combat-relics.com Todays update includes some nice US helmets including a USMC M1 helmet with Hawley liner and desirable "slitted" cover without EGA. Please consider joining our mailing list by plugging your e-mail address into the form on our main page, this way you will receive an e-mail notification once or twice a month when we complete new updates. Sincerely, Steve Turner
  9. One more bump for the mystery boots! Maybe there is a better place for me to post this question? Cheers, Steve
  10. Thanks for the replies! I will be listing this example on my site, and wanted to be sure it was described properly. Much appreciated! Steve
  11. Hi, I was wondering if I could get some help with this cool WWII U.S. Army football helmet I received. I think it's a legitimate example, but I'm having some difficulties determine what purposes this version was used for, and, how much it's worth? I realize this is not the kind most associated with Airborne training, although I suppose it's possible these were used for that purpose as well? Any comments are very much appreciated ! Thanks, Steve Turner
  12. Bump! Should I try this in the footwear forum? Thanks!! Steve
  13. Hi, I have this pair of early boots I'm trying to identify. When I got them they were incorrectly labelled as WWI German boots, but upon closer inspection, I believe them to be early American boots possibly as old as the Civil War? Can I please get some help with identifying them? Thanks! Regards, Steve Turner
  14. Hi, I've updated my site www.combat-relics.com This update includes US M1 Garand parts, some US headgear including a really nice USMC Campaign Hat, some quality paper items, and our usual assortment of German and Commonwealth items. Please check it out and consider joining our e-mail mailing list! Regards, Steve Turner (Owner / Operator)
  15. Great set!! Cheers, Steve
  16. Hi, Today I've updated my site: http://www.combat-relics.com We've been adding a lot of quality items and this update is particularly interesting for USMC collectors. We have an awesome set of USMC P42's, P44's, boondockers, depot made field gear such as bandage pouches, and much more. We'll be doing some more serious updates soon and hope you sign up for our e-mail mailing list. You can sign up by using the form on our home page "Join our mailing list!" by simply plugging your address into it. Today's update included; WWII Germany: Combat used M42 helmet with gritty
  17. Hi, I've update my site www.combat-relics.com again today on 25 Jan 2020. Here are some rare American WWII items we've just listed: WWII United States: USMC DQP bandage pouch, USMC DQP shovel cover, 1943 USMC Boondockers. Please consider joining our mailing list for update notifications; we have a lot more quality USMC and general US WWII items to be listed over the next several updates. Thanks, Steve Turner
  18. Hi, I've updated my site www.combat-relics.com with several new items including a few new items in my U.S. sections. We've been busy updating the look of the site, I think you will like the new look for 2020 and we have more improvements coming. Now we can focus on getting more stuff listed. If you enjoy following my site please consider joining our mailing list on the main page! Thanks, Steve Turner
  19. Hi, I've updated my site again and created a new mailing list. To be part of our mailing list and be notified of new updates simply enter your e-mail address in the form on the main page of the website: www.combat-relics.com I've been receiving more U.S. items I've broken down my U.S. WWII categories into headgear, uniforms & groups, field gear, insignia, and paper items as well as a U.S. WWI section. These sections will continue to fill over the next few updates so I hope you will consider joining our mailing list. Thanks for sticking with me while I continue to build t
  20. Hi, I've updated my site again today and decided to make another post here. I have some really cool US groups at the moment and have been trying to expand my inventory of US WWI, WWII, and USMC. We've sold a lot of nice US helmets recently and still have a couple in stock. If you have visited in a while please go to: www.combat-relics.com From there you can navigate to the US sections. Thanks! Steve Turner
  21. Hi, I'm bumping this thread as I have just done another update on my site, to include some cool US uniforms and groups. Thanks! Steve Turner
  22. Hi, I've updated my site http://www.combat-relics.com This update includes a bunch of quality U.S. items, to include; Original 3rd Infantry Division painted M1 helmet with fixed bales, Enger Kress M1911A1 shoulder holster, U.S. invasion armband, complete USMC M1 fixed bail helmet, complete early M1 helmet with fixed bales, CBI aerial gunners Ike jacket and cap, Colonel's CBI M43 jacket with sewn on blood chits, and Kiska Task Force utility shirt. Thanks, Steve Turner
  23. Thank you for the kind review Keith. I appreciate you taking the time to post that. I have update the site again today, 26 August 2019 to include some nice US items. Thanks, Steve
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