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  1. Trust me I tried to find the price in the closed auctions and had no luck and reason for the post in the first place ,and why even mention it was a great price without stating what the price was in the first place.. Agree with you about joy and satisfaction point but have to respectfully disagree that price matters and does not give full context to the satisfaction or joy without it.Prices do not cheapen the post they enrich and inform.
  2. You make a very good point about the lack of real rare items showing up on ebay. That is part of what i was arguing thou not spoken out loud. The 187 was nice but really just a bullion version of a common patch granted not common in bullion. My post about finding 50 or so rare patches out of 30,000 on ebay kind of makes the point.
  3. Don't you think it would be nice to know what something is worth? Yes Bob the price matters as seen by rhe above post that the forum member are obsessed by price said with some derision. I agree it is a great patch and reference, etc. It helps to know if something is real, a copy ,and what a fair price brings for the item. Here do not not know the price and if we did maybe someone would say, hey that was a good price ,or hey they got taken it was was too high;that is helpful. Why is what something cost a mystery especially on a forum that is supposed to help collectors and inform. I do not think someone would find alot of JOY in knowing they got taken, but like the above post says they get joy when they get an item at a great price. So I guess price does matter. What was the price?
  4. Would be helpful if someone would let us know what it sold for? Tried to find on ebay and could not find listing. See in post it was a great price,OK but price not mentioned.
  5. This is a reproduction. check out same post in shoulder sleeve patch section for more in depth discussion
  6. Found clear example of the construction to look for in the weave.
  7. Thanks for showing such great items and a great help to others on what to look for, well done!
  8. You know me I may exaggerate little to make a point. I did say it was real nice in my defense.
  9. Must of been auction bidding virus. This bullion 187 Abn is very nice but paying maybe close to triple what is worth? People spend your money but be smart about it. Better spent on a more difficult unit to find or one made in Japanese silk for rarer unit for close to same money.
  10. I kind of thought so, but wanted to hear from a more informed opinion. Seller has had some questionable items listed before so posted as a caution for the forum.
  11. This is currently listed on Ebay but does not look like example Rick has shown. Is this a good copy or a variation?
  12. Nice job in warning and educating. Should be done more to help the newer collectors.
  13. Not to often do you see a patch lot with more than one nice patch, but this had 3 or 4. Sold at a very reasonable price and thought it could go for hundreds more. Best of the lot was the bullion Nurnburg. Next the 1629 Eng Japanese made and third for me was the 84th Railsplitters
  14. Yes I missed the Russian Shuttle,good call.
  15. Great examples in terrific shape and good guide on what to look for. Thanks for showing. By the way many feel the tab is harder to find than the patch.
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