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    Cloth patches ww1 to korea mainly us forces but do collect british and israeli. Emphasis on elite units and fighter squadrons

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  1. Dave come on, you never heard of colorblindness? Well OK technically you have a point and I guess factually you have a good argument. Just stirring the pot. Mort
  2. Why would they make so many errors? That is a heck of an error to make considering the color difference.
  3. The information is listed on the forum in this section,just do a search. Saw it recently.
  4. That sounds much better and 1600 for A2 is in the ball park, see my misunderstanding or misreading. Mort
  5. Apparently buying the patch from the Holy Grail collection was not reassuring enough so you needed the forum to convey its blessing. That was a smart idea since you will get alot of opinions and usally the correct answer Surprised by the way that it sold for that much. Was the Holy Grail collection all that anyway,just asking?
  6. No surprise here you both nailed it. Buyer may have looked at the campaign and unit registration books and found 3669th Ordinance Truck Co that served in WW2 and which had 3 campaigns and mistook the national guard patches for the truck co. That could be the explanation why someone would bid so much on this lot. Completely agree with my friends Jack and Vance , and I think that it went for 100-150 atleast more than it should. The whole group revolves around the tab. The tab alone has what value? Is range 250-350.? Thanks for the replies and information,think all in the forum appreciate h
  7. Thanks again for showing these are just exceptional. Mort
  8. Here are the pics I forgot to include, sorry was too excited to post,that what virus boredom does.
  9. This grouping just ended on Ebay and sold near $600. The main item that drew all the interest was an 11th Armd Div patch with a theater made Thunderbolt tab attaches. Was that all there was of value in the lot to garner such a price? I think I know the answer what do you think? Mort
  10. Nice example and the stitching sets it off.
  11. Thanks Bill for posting the real version. Members note that all the ones that Bill shows all have the GREEN color thread on the BACK,which is the big tell to know it is fake/copy. First look at these from the front is a small ok, but the BACK tell the real story. Mort
  12. Good question. Not a fan mainly due to crudeness of the work and the stitching. Know some collectors who stay completely away from this type of construction and will not buy. Mort PS By the way you showed some killer patches recently, well done.
  13. Seller is Dandcoll. Do not think it glows if I remember correctly.
  14. Part of the answer was posted on another recent post concerning if the buyer did well, concerned a bomb sq patch WW2 era that was Aussie made. Read my answer to your great question and one that many ask, but again trying to find an answer is not easy and hopefully my response helps. By the way if real the patch could fetch $400 or more. Mort
  15. This item just sold for $122 which is a steal for the patch. Have looked for this one myself for over 20 years and never was able to get one at any price, they just were not available. The problem here is that this one is a COPY and looks to have all the characteristics of Asian made construction. Have pics here to show what NOT to look for. Mort
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