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  1. That is why I am asking; Garth was a top notch collector and not easily fooled. Do we have more Marine experts to opine?
  2. Appreciate your feedback and hope more chime in with opinions
  3. What is missed here is that this is a fully embroidered version which is not the most common seen version of the patch which is the felt version where the botton section is felt with the DAF. Sells for double or more of the common felt version.
  4. Was checking some old posts and found these from Garth who was a terrific person and smart collector that brings my assertion into question. The posts are from Oct 2011 and post concerned Aussie made 1st div patches. not sure how to place his post into this discussion. His pics of the backs of the patches sure look like what I posted above as questionable and he thinks are good Need some help here please.
  5. I could be wrong on this but something does not look correct,would like others to give thoughts.
  6. Just found these on ebay and wanted to alert the forum to these recent reproductions. These look OK from the front for the most part but the back is what gives this away. Has the same look with the loose horizontal weave they use on the reproduction SVN patches. The starting price on these os over $200,just fair warning.
  7. Spotted one reproduction the other day and checked further and seller had several more for sale. All with new computer stitching but claiming original.Seller is from West Coast and name is ryantulane96 I believe from El Cajon. Just a heads up and to avoid.
  8. Have to make amends for error last week in saying a glider school patch was a reproduction. This 187th airborne now on ebay is a current reproduction as seen by the modern computer stitching. Nice example of what to avoid and oddly very close to where this is listed a good exmple is for sale.
  9. What a great find and thanks for sharing. Very pleased to see how many also appreciate what a nice and rare find. Maybe a good idea to repost in the shoulder patch section so more could see and learn.
  10. Thanks Bill that means alot. Just too quick to the trigger. Mort
  11. Thanks to prople like Steve it helps the newer people from making these mistakes.
  12. Hi Steve, there are three color variations to the glider, white,black and blue. You might be right,I am always open to listen but something to my eye just does not look correct in the design. Maybe the gliders are larger than they should be but to me for now something is off and or it is so mint it just threw me off. Atleast it brings discussion. The lines of thread on the back seem uneven and not as uniform as they should be. Again it can just be old eyes. What do others think?
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