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  1. another that might make you laugh...him in Haiti and his thoughts
  2. Wow thanks you guys are amazing! One of the photos is of him & his crew in Italy 1918 so that explains the other medal. I have had these for years & working on scanning to put on ebay. It has to be the best collection of early Naval Aviation out there at least dealing with seaplanes. He owned a damn nice camera and took photos of everything even the blown engines on his planes. Most of it deals with Haiti & Panama THANKS again for the help!
  3. Hope you all can help me as I'm sure someone will know this. I have over 300 Photos of this man who was a pilot in the Navy 1918-1920's and flew the earliest flying boats. I know the 1 medal is the Navy Cross but not sure what the other is? Also can someone tell me his rank? I know his name is Jack as ever photo in his album is written on back. I found the name LT JG Jack Stanley very faint inside album cover. I looked on the Navy Cross database but don't see his name. Thanks for any help.
  4. Wanted to share these 2 I have had for years. Sadly I have them for sale in the FS section but wanted to share them here before they go from my hands for those that like WW1 Posters. These 2 are beyond beautiful and in stunning condition. The "Ammunition" is considered in the hobby to be the nicest one in existence
  5. It is hard to tell 100% without it in my hands but I'm a poster guy see the 2 I just listed in FS section. The small printas far as printer etc on bottom does not matter as the repros have that also. Looking at the ebay listing im 90% certain its legit and original
  6. Sold to a Member of the forum and a great new home! Thanks for everyones great comments on this grouping
  7. another from the same photo album....Sherman tank with dead Japs all around and some crushed under tracks
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