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  1. Mikie Cool book. FYI I have a uniform of his
  2. Awesome pictures,Thanks for sharing
  3. Evening,Grandomatic sent you a PM. Thanks
  4. Ok Thanks so Much,appreciate the info
  5. Thanks for the info!! Any idea on value?
  6. Hi Guys Hey was wondering if I can get some opinions on this medal Please.To me the medal itself is a period piece,but the pin assembly is LIGI . So could this have been a original medal maybe reribboned in the 60S. Also would anyone have a value.Thanks Jay
  7. Thanks Dave for the explanation. I was thinking like other USN items that right facing was post 45 and left was before 45. Take Care and Great Book,Jay
  8. Hi Guys I'm new to this so ,how does one tell if the badge is post 45 or pre 45? as it appears the eagle on all face the right.Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks Guys for all the info really appreciated!!!!
  10. Hi Guys Was wondering if if anyone can help me ID the Maker of the nice Navy aviator wing and possible production era. Its also marked sterling on the reverse. Thanks Jay
  11. Dave Keep us updated. I'm also still in for a Numbered signed copy,Take Care Jay
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