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  1. The aforementioned Gary Borkan has also written a book: http://www.amazon.com/World-Posters-Schiffer-Collectors-Price/dp/0764315161 Also www.dpvintageposters.com - nice range. low to mid some rare ones www.internationalposter.com. Mid to high end For high end: http://www.swanngalleries.com All reputable dealers online.
  2. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/196382-m1918-mk-i-trench-knife-comparing-originals-to-your-suspect-knife-thread/
  3. My bad. I confused the pics. Doh!
  4. The "open 9" is just a variant. Originals can have either A bigger red flag is that this supposed "theater made" sword is blade marked "au Lion". What are the chances that the Doughboy found both a Mark I and an au Lion sword and combined the two? Slim and None, and Slim just left the trench And finally, one shouldn't try to skirt the fact that you need 50 posts in order to use the "For Sale" forum and try to sell via "New Acquisitions"
  5. Big story with this that sounds like major league BS. Just curious what the more knowledgeable members think
  6. The FBI uses the "Usama" transliteration. Pretty sure either are acceptable and not wrong
  7. That's very nice. Who did the linen mounting and restoration?
  8. I don't think wanting to acquire original untouched sets is "going to far" (not even sure what that means) What I do think is that the vast and I mean *vast* majority of "untouched" sets are anything but. I think it's borderline delusional to think they are, without rock solid, near irrefutable evidence. Wear marks that line up, "been there"/"salty like I like em" condition, tight fitting rigs, or a dealer saying "straight from the vet" doesn't even come close
  9. Unless you have provenance every helmet is put together. No matter how much you *think* it's original & untouched, there is no way to really tell. Even when it "salty like you like em" from war time use, it's far more likely Ito be "salty from neglect in storage for 50 yrs" So adding a net and scrim shouldn't influence any informed collector
  10. How on earth do you know it's seen combat with out provenance?
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