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  1. So sad...flew on this myself a few years ago. It was such an incredible experience. Praying for all the people involved.
  2. I really enjoyed it myself. I think its pretty accurate historically.
  3. Literally was just reading about him last night in Antony Beevors Arnhem book....its a great read.
  4. Very nice...a very close family friend of my wifes father was at Chosin...he was wounded and was so frozen he was loaded onto a truck assuming he was dead...he says he must have moved a little because he was told they grabbed him off the truck and he went to a first aid station...cant imagine what they went thru....
  5. There was a store in Waverly NY with a similar type display. Was this store anywhere near there?
  6. I would guess its some sort of schedule for a company. Looks like 3 shifts. Saying basically our soldiers dont miss a day. Not sure what the Japanese images mean.
  7. A medic is unarmed and is not considered a combatant. In theory if the other side follows the Geneva convention they will not deliberately target a medic. However this wasnt/isnt always so. The Japanese actually targeted medics.
  8. I like how shock pressure from atomic bomb is not enough to kill and there is no radiation after the debris has stopped falling. Kinda like the joke the fall didnt kill him it was the sudden stop....
  9. My neighbors uncle is buried there: Navigator Merton Chouinard 262 B-24s are dispatched to hit the Kassel/Henschel motor transport plant (243); 1 hits a target of opportunity; 1 B-24 is lost and 86 damaged; 10 airmen are MIA. Escort is provided by 171 of 195 P-47s; 1 P-47s is lost and 3 damaged; 1 pilot is MIA. This was the infamous Kassel raid in september 1944.
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