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  1. Hello... I'm having a senior moment and can't remember the name of the book I read years ago about the Army Air Corps. This book detailed the problems encountered in transferring B-17 bombers from America to Africa. Pilots encountered weather they had never experienced before. There were many cases in which planes had to make forced landings. Anyone recall this book? Thanks E.B.
  2. I really wonder if this is a water bucket because the size is smaller and it does not have the crossed web straps on the bottom. So..........my question is this: Is anyone familiar with a G.I. canvas item like the one pictured, perhaps a Signal Corps item? Thanks Riverok
  3. Thanks all. Lewis....were the buckets you had lined with rubber? This one is not lined, just canvas. Thanks Riverok Oklahoma's Green Country
  4. This item is dated 1944 and looks like it was U.S. military issue. The maker's name is not readable. I believe it is a lineman's bag. It's a canvas bag and braided canvas strap much like a gun sling. It is canvas lined. Anyone familiar with a lineman's bag like this? Riverok Tahlequah, OK
  5. A friend brought these items by the other day. They belonged to his late father in law (L.W. Slayden) who was with Gen. Patton's forces. I thought you might want to see these items that have provenance. One item...the small knife blade and serrated wheel are a mystery to me. Also the spread eagle pin. Any ideas? Thanks Riverok Oklahoma
  6. Thanks for the great photos of the beds at Camp Clinton. I will be pleased to provide additional photos and measurements of these beds to anyone interested. Riverok Oklahoma
  7. For those who are interested, I finally got one set of the U.S. wooden bunk beds assembled. It was a challenge due to never seeing these before and because of the "mud dobbers" that filled up the holes for the bolts holding the beds together. These beds are marked W199OM38863, 9/23/42, Southern Furniture MFG Co. and MOUNT ARY FURNITURE CO. 9/28/42. I believe the beds are from the German POW camp at Camp Gruber, Oklahoma which is near Muskogee, Oklahoma. They were used for years at a friend's ranch house near Tahlequah, Oklahoma. I hope this information and photos is of some value to
  8. I'm researching an item belonging to a friend. Pictures of the U.S. Navy aircraft machine gun bore sighting kit are included in this post. The label inside the case is dated 1942. There is a variety of equipment for machine gun sight servicing. There appears to be extra pieces in the kit. Machines guns included are: 20 mm, 50 cal., and 30 cal. The equipment is manufactured by Bell & Howell Co., Chicago. Any information on this equipment would be appreciated. Please reply to brock@intellex.com This item is not for sale.
  9. Craig....the vet was in the Army Air Corps. Would you explain how Marine belt hangers differ from other hangers please? Riverok
  10. Among some canvas items I recently obtained are two UNMARKED, unused canvas pouches. They are light tan color and have metal hangers to attach to a web belt. There is a strap with a buckle to close the pouch. Size is approximately 14 inches long by 7 inches wide. The vet who had these was associated with a liaison unit which may have used the pouches for maps, documents, etc. Pilots who flew the L-5s may have used them? He could not recall. Anyone have information on the pouch pictured? Also there is a case marked surgical case and dated 1918. It has outlines of surgical instrum
  11. Regarding copies of U.S. military photos: this is an interesting issue because the photos obviously belong to the U.S. Government. I would guess any military item, especially those marked U.S. Property, may belong to the government if push cam to shove? What's your opinion? Riverok
  12. I am posting a very interesting photo which is part of a large collection I have been given permission to copy. This photo has appeared in print. "American Raiders" by Wolfgang W.E. Samuel featured the picture of B17 bombers before they were destroyed by U.S. G.I.s in Germany. A knowledgeable friend said the planes are the very latest B17s at war's end. They are bright and shiny. I counted more than 150 bombers in the photo and there are many more shown. The WWII vet who let me copy more than 100 photos taken in France and Germany said he and others placed one and a half pounds of TNT
  13. riverok


    Thanks all. I guess I'll bite the bullet and buy a dehumidifier. Riverok
  14. Thanks. I failed to mention in the original post that the ammo is supposed to be U.S. military ammo. Riverok
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