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  1. Thank you very much for the ID ! I'm very grateful for this forum and for members such as yourself. I do my best here to share what I know as well. Cheers!
  2. Cheesecloth backed. Made into an armband.
  3. Was made into what looks like an armband. Cheesecloth backed
  4. This VMF-115 design is definitely Korean War period as the WW2 versions depict a cigar smoking F4-U Corsair which characterizes Joe Foss, the squadron commander. The patch was redesigned in Japan and is Japanese made by New Itami Studios and should have a white silken backing. If it has a black backing it could be a reunion piece, still Japanese made, but post Korean War. There are also 2 variants that I've seen of this design. One with a blue disc behind the aircraft carrier, and another with a white disc. Still unsure as to why, but possibly to denote diffrent flights within the squadron.
  5. Love to see this stayed together all these years. Thank you for looking after it. Just a great grouping all the way around.
  6. Very helpful, Kadet. Thank you very much. I agree, that the 1st scenario is most likely. The patches and glider wings certainly indicate that he completed training. Again, most appreciated.
  7. Oh, no I didn't mean to imply it was in country made, I was suggesting that it was Vietnam era as it's embroidered on twill, but has the look of 60's style embroidery. I think Tonomachi pretty much nailed it as a 104th unit. Juat need to find what 1st lancers implies.
  8. No luck with my internet searches. Any help appreciated Thanks!
  9. Considering it was all mounted on a board and direct from the estate, it's not a collection of parts, and clearly, if you examine what's shown, the items all make sense to any Airborne novice, except for the 29th patch, which says to me he may have been in the 29th before joining the Airborne, or, possibly was attached to the 29th while in Europe which is how he ended up seeing combat.
  10. At $500 for a SS and 2x PH recipient with original documents as well as a named jungle jacket is a great, if not hellava cheap price. Easily worth 2x IMHO. Jungle jacket from a SS/2xPH recip worth $200 alone. Great acquisition. Congrats. And, more than that, thank you Corporal Stuck for your service.
  11. Recent find. PH, glider wings, insignia and some other effects to come next week hopefully. I am however, wondering how he earned 4 battle stars on his ETO medal when, as far as I know, the 326th saw no combat, and, why he has a 29th ID patch as well. Any thoughts? Bronze Star is not the conversion style engraving, and, how would he be WIA ? Thoughts welcomed and appreciated. Leather 326th is incised and silkscreened, thin leather much like the Italian made patches.
  12. Very pleased that you were able to preserve her effects intact. Congratulations on a great grouping!
  13. Kudos on your dilligence and your investigative work. One of my favorite aspects of collecting is discovering history such as you've done here. Well done and very informative. Thank you for bringing to light to another fascinating area of history.
  14. These medals appear impressed as opposed to engraved. You can see the ridges created by the letters being pressed into the planchet as opposed to metal being removed by the process of engraving. It's an interesting serifed font that suggests to me the mid 1950's era, but that is just conjecture, not fact. Regardless, nice medals!
  15. Wow...very interesting piece. This one was sewn and worn on something for sure. Cut edge, yes? The embroidery looks just post WW2-1950's to me based on being a long time squadron patch collector. And, being no glow, would also make me think 1950's.
  16. The eagle's head protrudes significantly from the face of the badge and would be in the way of any type of movement, which is why I figured it was a shako plate. Also, the starburst backplate led me in this direction, but still looking to hear other opinions.
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