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    from early American history, 1840's through Vietnam, I collect combat related groupings that are very complete with a focus on fighter pilots - important medals - squadron patches - U.S. Air Service - Airborne - OSS - FSSF - Special Forces - Submariner - UDT

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  1. The catch reminds me of the type used on DAR society medals, which I believe were made by J.E. Caldwell...just a thought
  2. Oh...and, if you want a dress uniform or combat gear
  3. If you are trying to find something to wear that is "correct" and looking for a resource to help you with the detail, I would suggest that you pick a year and season, then a branch of service, then a theater of operations, then a specific unit. Otherwise the subject is way too broad unless you simply want to look like a "soldier, sailor, marine, airman or coastguardsman"
  4. Hmmm.....very cool. What is in the crosshairs?
  5. Great grouping, Kurt. Just missed this one from Scott. Glad it's in good hands.
  6. Parachute looks like a drouge chute, and as far as value...a lot of neat individual items, so add each of them up and that should give you an approximate amount
  7. My best guess so far is some sort of forestry production for victory
  8. Embroidered on felt, circa 1930's-50's era.
  9. A shame to see the 3 lots go to 3 different buyers.
  10. I was careful to mention both disclosing any restoration to potential buyers as well as having photographic evidence. I too, enjoy the "personal" aspect of collecting. Don't forget that vet's also wore their issued clothing as civilian garb after being dishcharged, and removed patches and insignia, buttons, etc., to do so. I appreciate the fact that you choose to leave things "as is". Again, I don't collect dress uniforms specifically, but if I go to an estate sale, and due to theft, the estate company removes the "salad", then I buy the uniform from one room, and then buy the insignia from th
  11. Finally able to Rest In Peace. Thank you Gunnery Sgt. Cook for paying the Ultimate price for my freedoms.
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