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    from early American history, 1840's through Vietnam, I collect combat related groupings that are very complete with a focus on fighter pilots - important medals - squadron patches - U.S. Air Service - Airborne - OSS - FSSF - Special Forces - Submariner - UDT

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  1. Killer patch. I've taken a mental photo, will let you know if I find any info.
  2. I would agree with Doyler's assessment. All of the appointments on this jacket suggest late WW2 to Korea era. As far as value...for this particular jacket, condition and size would dictate it's price.
  3. Very pleased to hear this show was a success. Always great to hear that we're keeping history alive.
  4. Another possibility is 8th Division post war Germany Constabulatory / MP liner
  5. Sure thing. Let us know what you find.
  6. Maybe already known, but the motto is for the 141st Military Intelligence Battalion.
  7. Excellent information. Thank you! In my experiences, it seems as if the Navy and Marine Corps used up their inventory of medals until they ran out and then began using Army contract issued medals, as I have had more than a few "out of the woodwork" late WW2 / Korean War USN/USMC groupings that contained Army DFC's and/or Air Medals. And, I have, on rarer occasions, found a USN/USMC DFC planchette on a slot brooch in an Army Air Corps grouping, but to date, never a USN/USMC Air Medal in an Army Air Corps grouping. Would like to hear from other members if they have found the same, or not.
  8. Not sure if anyone saw the dogtag for USMC WW2 ace pilot Lt. W.F. Ruhsam up for sale on eB*y, but for a mere 20k, it can be yours...oh...and you get a bloodchit, too...sooo....my gofundme page will be up and running soon..?
  9. Wonderfully done. The energy of your hand is captured in every piece, yet every piece is done slightly differently. Capturing "weight" of an object is not easy, more often than not, subjects tend to have a "floating" or "rigid" stance. Not in your case. Again, well done. You should spend a little time to archive these.
  10. Great looking patch. What is the story it's telling? Is that a black hand coming from a basket of rice?
  11. Might also want to do searches for Liberty Loan or War Bond drive patches.
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