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  1. why some M1 helmets do not have the paint wrinkled, but are smooth? ...... I have one in my collection as smooth as this with the flag
  2. I think we have a good chance 'to be a ranger .... guys what do you think?
  3. thank you very much, but I do not want to sell it .... it's a very important piece for my private collection
  4. I do not like this for the patina, the patina is created with abrasion ...... build a liner with tranck art fake, is very simple and inexpensive ....... I'd be careful sorry for my thoughts Werter
  5. Beautifull story my friend! and very very compliments....Can you give me information on 6698 co MP peninsular division? for my liner
  6. This is mine! bought on e-bay in June this year! the 6698 MP co. was on duty at the prison camp at Bari in Italy! but unfortunately its proprietor does not know 'anything .... my friend I hope to be helpful to
  7. See also this! sorry if I do not have better pictures ..... but this photo is the only one I keep in my database ..... is a helmet in my collection bought at a trade militaria show in 2008 ...... the liner has the frieze of the 85th division custer! I hope more 'forward put best photos thank you! werter
  8. Guys! I do not think the trailer of a movie! this is my bought on e-bay in 2010 ..... I would like to know the meaning of the written
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