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Paul Aling

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  1. Does anyone have any information on the M63 AA mount? Nomaclature and history especially. Looking to utilize it on a living history display but want to know when it was introduced. Cheers, Paul
  2. Hi there, I'm interested to know whether these boots were manufactured after WWII and whether surplus boots were sold (is that the right word?) to other nations? I'm currently researching the Congo Crisis of 1964 and some of the 5 Commando mercenaries appear to be wearing boots very similar to these. Thanks, Paul
  3. I have a 1944 edition of The Officer's Guide and there are contact details on the inside cover if the book was lost. It reads: Any help identifying the above Serviceman would be greatly appreciated. Moderators, if the thread is in the wrong section please move it. Regards, Paul
  4. Hi there, Does anyone know if there's a website out there showing plans of various crates of various contries. I'm after some US crates and Soviet ones for an impression. Thanks, Paul
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