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  1. He was a tough little son of a bitch, that's for sure. Happy trails Barney, God bless and carry on until we all meet again.
  2. Looks British made to me.
  3. Great find. That would restore nicely.
  4. Does anybody really even have fifteen THOUSAND dollars to drop on a single uniform anyway? I'd much rather invest in 1966 Mustang 2+2 fastback for that kind of coin, but that's just me.
  5. Jonesy

    Para boots?

    Almost all of the Endicott Johnson jump boots I've seen have had 11 eyelets verses 12.
  6. That's actually really impressive. If you put the before and after of them together and told me it was the same helmet I never would have believed it.
  7. I'm stationed in Great Falls. Let me tell you, I give him a lot of credit for traveling these LONG and desolate roads. There is not much out in this part of the country, and the weather is awful. Truly a tragic tale for this fine young man. Montana lost it's first state trooper in something like over 30 years in a similar fashion not too long ago. He was writing up a ticket and the man walked right up the side of the car and shot him.
  8. I never idolized the Band of Brothers any differently than I do all of our veterans, but I will say they hold a special place in my heart as do all of the fighting men and women of our armed forces. Something about these guys has always just screamed 'America' to me though. I feel as though this is the ending of a legacy as we know it and it truly has become one with history. I am both saddened and put into deep contemplation by this loss. We have said goodbye to a living legend of sorts, and their story as we know it will never be the same. Their 'biggest brother' has joined them at
  9. I remember when you got this. Definitely one of my favorite groupings of all time. :thumbsup:
  10. Jonesy


    These deaths are never easy. I just had a good friend lose one of his fellow marines after a month long battle post losing both legs and his right arm. He fought it until the end. Rest in peace guys.
  11. Reproductions actually tend to fetch more than legit originals. They simply made tons of these things, this one isn't named, decorated, enormously sized, or have a 'wow worthy' unit to a lot of people. You can buy these for good prices all day long.
  12. Here's a shot of a burial ceremony on the U.S.S. Intrepid in 1944. The bodies are from an earlier Kamikaze attack. EDIT: The picture isn't showing up in my post on my browser. If that's the case for everybody else, here is the link directly to the image. (BROKEN LINK REMOVED)
  13. The paratroopers in Saving Private Ryan are a classic example of this. Most of them were middle aged and balding.
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