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  1. Joe, as Hackensack's City Manager in 1964, and the big, beautiful golden book presented to him by the city upon his retirement
  2. Joe with his sons, receiving his bronze star for his action on August 7, 1944
  3. Joe's Shrapnel hit bible he had on him that fateful day.
  4. This group belonged to Joseph J. Squillace From Hackensack, NJ. He married in 1936 and had two sons shortly thereafter. When the war broke out, he was working for Swift & Co in Hackensack, but quickly enlisted in the Army on April 1st, 1942. Joe would be assigned to Co L. 305th Infantry, 77th Division. A natural leader, he was promoted to Sergeant the following year, and then to Platoon Sergeant in early 1944. Joe and the 305th then made their way to Eniwetok followed by Guam to meet the rest of the 77th for the assault landing on W-Day, July 21st 1944. The 305th would land on the beaches
  5. Julie, to access the sales forums you need to post 50 times. If you're only interested in this uniform you can send him a personal message. Just a heads up, Ive tried buying and trading this uniform from him and he has absolutely no interest in letting it go.
  6. Welcome, from one New Mexican to another!
  7. Some other good reads. One Returned- A 2nd Marine's memoir of Guadalcanal and Tarawa Bloody Tarawa- An excellent Narrative history of the battle Faithful Warriors- an 8th Marine's officer's memoir of Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Saipan and Tinian Stay off the Skyline- Multiple 6th Division veteran's recollections of Okinawa Bringing Mulligan Home- The son of a 6th Div vet tries to discover the root of his father's PTSD from Guam and Okinawa Killing Ground on Okinawa- Great narrative of the Battle for Sugar Loaf Hill
  8. Very nice uniform. Just to let you know, when researching 2nd division guys during the Okinawa campaign, you commonly see " Participated in action at Okinawa Shima from April 1st to April 14th, 1945." The second division participated in several amphibious feints off southern Okinawa to draw Japanese troops south and take pressure of the real landing beaches and surrounding objectives. They did this until April 14th when they returned to Saipan as 10th Army reserve. The only 2nd division troops to land and fight on Okinawa were the 8th Marines supported by 2nd Battalion 10th Marines in early Ju
  9. Very Nice, Thats a great uniform!
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