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    nearly anything having to do with U.S. Military history
  1. Welcome to the Forum,Sir. Life affords us the opportunity to never stop learning. Live long and prosper. Best Regards, Jeff
  2. RM1C =Radio Man 1St.Class (E-6) . USNR=United States Naval Reserve (WW2) WIA or KIA ? Check the name,should be an interesting hunt... Regards, Jeff
  3. Jeff, carefully examine the garment for any tags,or inked markings that can offer clues as to origin,in a tailor-made garment they may be absent,but look carefully , also see if the seller can help you at all ? Just trying to be helpful...
  4. Short reply,The French Fourragere is the device worn to denote unit award of the Croix de Guerre, "Cross of War",in WW2 would have been the same on Army or Marine Corps uniform, Worn on 5th & 6th Marine Regiments Uniforms yet today,In the same Homage posture as the Army yet today,in units awarded the Fourragere in WW1 or WW2,always worn on the left shoulder ; I suggest that you should study WW1 history for more exact insight. Kind Regards, Jeff
  5. Gotta throw in my $0.02 here, I know that the Gerber knives were carried in the AAFES PX's in the 1980's -1990's,in 1987 I bought a Gerber Mark I boot knife and carried it in the field,handy little snipper for a Soldier in the field,after all these years,I still have it ! Good steel,all I ever used on it was a carbide-tip sharpener,I never had to stone sharpen that knife ! The serial # is H1711S,& on the other side of the blade,the Co. hallmark of a sword in a stone,GERBER,Portland,ORE.U.S.A., and in the middle of the blade, MARK I TM. Hold on to that knife,It's a Keeper ! Regards, Jeff
  6. looks good,congrats on finding a genuine article at a goodwill store...very lucky. The number is possibly a inspector's number ? They stopped signing their names many,many years previously on USGI Issue articles...Regards,Jeff
  7. Brian,Have you been down to Rock Island Arsenal ? They fly the "Stars and Bars" at the Cemetary there,for the Confederate P.O.W.'s who died there,& were interred, "Deo Vindice" in Latin, means,"Let God be our judge",These Veterans were brave soldiers who stood in defense of their home states, their families,and we Yankees Honor the Service & Sacrifice of these men to this day... Brian,if you can,make the trip down there,You won't regret it...Regards, Jeff
  8. Brian,looks like the French Verdun Medal ? (no clue on the numeral"2")Regards,your friend,Jeff
  9. Brig,nice photograph,of a uniform well cared for, Thanks Again for preserving the history...Do not grieve yourself too much about the ribbon bars,in the present day where we have so many choices in the procurement of such articles,it is hard for us to appreciate how much of a "scavenger hunt" these guys had to put their ribbons together ! It would not shock me at all, to see stacks with different widths of bars in them , on WW2 uniforms,they often wore whatever they had,or could scare up, often incomplete...but they were limited to what they had.
  10. Try the new formula Woolite, scrub it in really good inside,& lots of cold water,will not harm an antique uniform coat & may eliminate the noxious odor you mentioned,I have used this stuff on WW2 uniforms with good results,no fading, & the local dry cleaners use a "parfum" I don't like...Just avoid hot water,which absolutely will shrink wool material,every time,I wash coats in the machine on "gentle/handwash" cycle With cold water,& have never had anything bad happen... My $0.02... Regards, Jeff
  11. Pic #2 top right,SETAF- U.S. Southern European Task Force-although I have only seen this as an embroidered insignia,this closely resembles it,so a DUI ? Regards, Jeff
  12. I am not an expert,but try to help when I can; the device with crossed rifles over the anchor,looks like an Army-Navy League (ANL) device; the ribbon bars are American Legion, VFW service ribbon, and Army Distinguished Service Medal ribbon bar, Hope I have been of a little help, Best Regards, Jeff
  13. Hello Stefan,I have one of these CN-GI National Defense Service Medals,they date from late Vietnam Conflict,somehow they passed Government inspection for meeting the contract specifications !
  14. Hello KYhistorian, In your picture #4 the AMF patch is Allied Mobile Forces,showing the armored hands shaking,I have the same badge in metal on a leather pocket fob,this dates from the Cold War and is a NATO badge...Regards, Jeff
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