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  1. On March 25, 1863, the first medals of honor were awarded and presented to six U.S. Army soldiers, "Andrew's Raiders", by Secretary of War, Edward Stanton. Private Jacob Parrott, a U.S. Army volunteer from Ohio, became the first actual Medal of Honor recipient. Please do not turn this thread political and start arguments about the Medal of Honor. I just thought it was interesting that today is the anniversary. ...Kat
  2. All of you are cracking me up! This is why I love this thread so dearly. We can all use a laugh now and then! ...Kat
  3. Exactly! Sorry if I did not come across as laughing. I thought it was great!
  4. Or you could say "sails are through the roof" hahaha!
  5. Ken and Johan, So glad both of you are doing well. Great pictures of the harbor, jeep parts and all sorts of great updates. I have always found the Ford parts with the F so interesting. I am sure they are highly sought after by a restorer. Both of you always post such amazing jeep parts and information. When the two of you get together, it must be the greatest amount of trivial jeep knowledge in one place! ...Kat
  6. Steve, I understand! I just like to see women's items especially for reference. ...Kat
  7. Steve, I do not know the value but would love to see the jacket. Have you already posted pictures on the forum? ...Kat
  8. Ken, Awesome jeep but way out of my price range! Hahahaha! I think the grille is about all I can afford!I'm I wonder how much that jeep will get at auction. ...Kat
  9. Lars, Looks great! I love to see your work! ...Kat
  10. Rene, I sincerely hope you are feeling much better soon! That is a great picture! I can only imagine how far it would push you when that small cannon is fired! Any background on the picture? ...Kat
  11. Ken, Great jeep grilles!! That is a jeep idea that I might be able to afford! Hahaha! Show us pictures after you get them repaired and painted. ...Kat
  12. Now I see what you are saying! This is all very confusing. I can see why this has had people stumped for 10 years! ...Kat
  13. I see what you are saying and agree...Kat
  14. They look like Red Cross but I can find nothing in my books that look like these. I do not believe this is WWII but not 100% sure. There are some members on here who are very knowledgeable regarding Red Cross uniforms. Hopefully they can help you. ..Kat
  15. I don't want to detail Mikie's thread because he is having fun getting into build models after 40 years. They were on a sheet with a whole bunch of different insignia. Just do an image search on WWII German Aircraft Insignia and you can see them. I do not know German but it looked like it might be rank insignia used on the aircraft.
  16. Ken, Every time you post pictures of jeeps it makes me want one so badly!!! I love your jeep posts almost as much as your then and now posts. ....Kat
  17. Ken, In this picture, it looks like the wrecked ships in the background are the same ones in the picture you posted that was taken in the 50's. Is that true? ...Kat
  18. Manny, I love to see your work! This is amazing. Thanks for showing your progress all thru the build. ...Kat
  19. Very interesting thread! Thanks for the great info. Patchrat, thanks for the pics of some! ...Kat
  20. True but I was talking about the mainland. Also, while Hawaii was a U.S. Territory during the war it did not become a state until 1959. ...Kat
  21. Sergeant Julia Bringloe hung beneath a helicopter on a hoist numerous times rescuing wounded Americans. She served as a flight medic with a crew responsible for medical evacuations in Afghanistan. Over a 3 day period in 2011, Bringloe was lowered again and again into enemy fire over treacherous mountain terrain. On the first day, she dropped 150 feet to a roof top and put a wounded soldier in a litter to be hoisted up. As the helicopter pulled them skyward, they veered toward a tree. Bringloe slammed into the tree, causing a small fracture in her leg. She ignored this to continue her mission.
  22. Ken, These pictures from 6 years after the war are amazing. I think we, Americans, often overlook the devastation from WWII that took years to recover from over there. You show us pictures from today where houses still have bullet holes. We don't often think about littered beaches, destroyed bridges and other places that took decades to return to normal. Our towns were basically unscathed during the war whereas your towns and beaches were flattened. Thank you for all you are doing to show us what happened over there....Kat
  23. Gil, I have never heard that about the birds. I cannot imagine how many feelings must run thru you when visiting. It must be a very somber experience. ...Kat
  24. GIl, Thanks for the info! This is why I am wondering if she moved to the UK at an early age and then joined. Either that or maybe she lived in the UK and recently moved to Fredericksburg after her service in the RAF. The link gives zero information. ...Kat
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