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  1. The way Covid-19 has hit nursing homes, we have lost many veterans. We have lost first responders taking care of these people. I saw where one person survived cancer caused by 9/11 then did not survive Covid-19. May all who have died from this rest in peace. ..Kat
  2. Well, after I posted this and looked again on e-bay, I found one for sale for $25.00. ...Kat
  3. We had a bunch of these type pictures of airplanes donated for us to sell as a fund raiser. These are nice pictures of different planes and units. Some of the pictures are signed. How much are these type pictures worth? What would be a fair asking price? Thank you in advance, Kat
  4. Eric, Very nice! I have never seen items like these. They must be extremely rare. Thanks for posting. ...Kat
  5. Dennis, I love to see your work! I am looking forward to this build. Looks great so far. Are you planning on putting it in a diorama? I hope you are doing well during this time....Kat
  6. Phil, I would assume you are correct. I have been looking thru my books trying to find any reference pictures. Everything I see so far for this cap is either rank insignia on the officer's cap or DUI insignia. She may have worn the Air Corps disc since she was an Air WAC or a CBI type of DUI. I have not found any pictures to back this theory up so this is just a guess. I found some interesting info about the CBI WACs in one of my books. ...Kat
  7. Phil, I like looked at the Blitzkrieg website. I believe you are correct. It could have been the WAAC enlisted disk as shown in the picture. ..Kat
  8. Phil, Sorry that I forgot. I am old. I wonder if it could have been some type of a DUI for the CBI or Air Corps. I am looking thru my women's reference books to see if there was a DUI for the WAC. I do not remember one but I could have forgotten. ...Kat
  9. According to the Dressed for Duty book, rank insignia or a DUI was worn on the overseas cap. What rank was your aunt? Could it have been a DUI for the Air Corp? I don't believe the Athena insignia would have made one hole. It would have made two. ...Kat
  10. I think that is a ribbon bar. She was not a flight nurse. She was not a nurse in WWII. As I said, maybe she went to nursing school inbetween enlistment times. I noticed there is a small pin hole to the side of the nurse insignia. That makes me wonder if there use to be the Army Air Corps collar insignia. There were Air WACS in WWII which would make sense with the patch and the other hole for the collar insignia.
  11. It has been moved for you. It will get more responses in the women's section. Also, it looks like there is some discoloration around where the braid should be on the cuff. Could it be the braid was removed? ...Kat
  12. So she was a teacher and not a nurse who enlisted in the WAAC. This makes sense then about the WAC uniform but not the nurse insignia. Unless she went to nursing school inbetween enlistments. ...Kat
  13. You may want to ask a moderator to move this to the women's section on the forum. You will get more responses.
  14. Nurses were not part of the WAAC or WAC. They were with the Army Nurse Corps. Just because there is an AAF patch on the sleeve does not mean she was a flight nurse. Maybe, maybe not... However, the fact that there are WAAC buttons makes me think she was not a nurse. The Army Nurse Corps was a part of the Army from the beginning so they would have used standard Army issue buttons not WAAC buttons. Getting her records would definitely determine the truth about this uniform. Edit to add: All nurses were officers so she would not have upgraded an enlisted uniform to an officer's whil
  15. Women have served since the American Revolution. I have read books about women in all branches of service and in all conflicts. Women are still facing obstacles today that women have faced throughout history. You should start reading more about women in the military. It is an interesting and amazing history. ...Kat
  16. Also, the Medal was awarded to any woman who served in the WAAC between July 10, 1942 and August 31, 1943 or served in the WAC between September 1, 1943 and September 2, 1945.
  17. The Army Nurse Corps was a separate unit from the Women's Army Corps. Therefore they would not receive the WAC medal. ...Kat
  18. All museums are not the same. Research and find out the truth about museums then make your decision. If not for donations, we would not have the amazing Air and Space Museum or the wonderful WWII museum in Louisiana. There are many amazing museums. Also, all collectors eventually sell their collections. Never have understood why collectors have no problem selling to other collectors but refuse to donate to a museum. While some collectors display their collections, many items sit in a box in a house unseen by others. In my opinion, this is no different than the complaints made against muse
  19. Lewis, Your shoebox NEVER ceases to amaze me! You would have looked great driving around in one of fhese! ...Kat
  20. Great picture showing some great details! ...Kat
  21. Very cool! Thanks for adding to this thread! ...Kat
  22. Lewis, Thanks so much for adding your pictures. That is wonderful that you got to meet him! ...Kat
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