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  1. Ken and Johan, I was thinking since this year's D-Day festivities had to be cancelled , can we take a trip down memory lane? You may have said some of this before so forgive my old brain for forgetting. I thought this might be interesting and fun. When was your first trip to a D-Day festival? Did you go as a spectator or participant? What do you remember most from your first one? Which one was your favorite and why? How many different vehicles have you ridden in for a parade? I assume both of you always ride in jeeps but you may have branched ou
  2. Joe, Amazing letter! Thank you so much for posting this story. It is definitely very poignant for these times we are now living. ...Kat
  3. Ken, Great then and now pictures. Sorry to hear the trees are now gone from the square. Sometimes change is not always for the better. ...Kat
  4. Joe, This is very interesting! I have never seen one. Thanks so much for posting. My best to you! I hope you are doing well...Kat
  5. Ken, I had a busy week and just got a chance to read your report of D-Day. Your discussion of the events was very emotional to read. I was thinking about how our WWII veterans are getting so old and vulnerable. I completely understand about why events were cancelled because we need to protect our vulnerable. I just wonder how many veterans won't live to see June 6, 2021. Thank you for all you do in this thread to keep the stories from Normandy in our hearts. This is by far the best thread on this forum. I hope June 6, 2021 is a huge celebration!
  6. Very nice work! ...Kat
  7. Salvage Sailor, Thanks so much for your help! It is greatly appreciated! ...Kat
  8. I have been searching but so far no luck finding an answer to my question so I thought I would ask on here. I am specifically looking for a B-25 but I assume all bombers would be the same. Were the bomb bay areas in bombers painted a certain color? Were they primed with a silver/ grey color to protect them? Were they painted the same color green as the outside? Did it vary depending on the theatre? With most pictures from WWII being black and white, it is hard to tell. Thanks in advance for any help...Kat
  9. Dennis, Another amazing work of art!! Fantastic job! So many little details. ...Kat
  10. This helmet diorama is very cool!! ...Kat
  11. Looks like there are B-25s in the other pictures! Do you still have these handy to show those pictures in another thread? Looks like one is named The General's Daughter. ..Kat
  12. Just saw this post. Thanks so much for the update. I have seen where some parts were used on multiple planes so it makes sense that the hydraulic pump itself would be the same part number as one on a B-25 but the handle and other parts were different. Great stuff! I love to see airplane trivia like this. Thanks again for the update! ...Kat
  13. Thanks so much for posting and honoring these women who served our country and are still serving today! ..Kat
  14. Ken, Great picture and an amazing woman! She has been a true leader! ...Kat
  15. Very well said! Ken, Those stories are priceless! ..Kat
  16. Ken, Great jeep! What is it made out of? Looks like the love of jeeps runs in your family! ...Kat
  17. Rene, I hope you have a great day even though it will be a much quieter day than usual. Great picture of the jeep. ...Kat
  18. Wow! Just wow! Your work is amazing! Thanks for posting this. ...Kat
  19. Wow! I had no idea so many different parts were marked with an "F". This is so interesting. I love this thread and the little tidbits of knowledge! ..Kat
  20. Ken, I agree with Mikie. Your knowledge and shoebox is unequal! I love these jeep trivia posts. ...Kat
  21. Johan, These little trivia items are too interesting! Thanks for posting. ..Kat
  22. Johan, Our factories were not being bombed. We did not have to keep starting over from scratch. That is one of the main reasons why we were able to produce on such a large scale. Kat
  23. Dennis, I am speechless! These are amazing. Each time I think I picked out my favorite one, I change my mind. You did an amazing job! ...Kat
  24. Johan, Great website! Thank you so much for the info. ...Kat
  25. Rene, great then and now picture! Thanks for posting! Ken, Great bicycle! I love it! I am sure they are very rare. Correct? ...Kat
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