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  1. Jim,


    I just saw this post and I hope it is alright that I am adding my question to it. My Grandfather was with the 1330th Army Air Corp during WWII. One of his medals that I have is a unit citation. I have been trying to find out how they got the citation. I believe he was based in Assam. I have been trying to find out some information about the 1330th. Do you know of any good places for me to research?


    Thanks for any help....Kat

  2. Ken,


    No worries!!! I totally understand!


    Where was the picture taken that you just posted in the same message? That is an interesting building. Is it a bunker? One of my wishes is to travel over there and see everything you get to see. Maybe one day......Kat

  3. Doc,


    Welcome to the forum! I love to read books written by doctors, nurses, and corpsmen. Thanks for the information. I will definitely get this book. And thanks for all that you did when you served. Your service is greatly appreciated!....Kat

  4. I have searched the forum and do not see this topic. If it has already been discussed please forgive me.


    Is there a good dealer for reproduction USAAF crusher caps? I have been trying to find a good one. I would rather buy from a reputable dealer than e-bay. Is there a good dealer for authentic WWII crusher caps instead of getting a repro? What do any of you think? I saw a good one on the History Preservation website but they are sold out.


    Thanks for any assistance....Kat

  5. Ken,


    I know I have thanked you before for this post but I wanted to say it again. The pictures like the "then and now" pictures of Falaise really hits home. The pictures got to me and I was not there in person. I could not imagine sitting in that area knowing what went on around you. I also wanted to ask you what this latest item is that you posted. Are those brass knuckles made out of steel? I am a HUGE Clemson fan so it looks like a Tiger Paw to me :lol: Thanks again, Kat

  6. This is truly amazing. I would love to be able to walk thru your museum you have in your own backyard. You said you have been collecting for 35 years? To have this much stuff, you must buy 100's of items per week. I went to a museum here recently and you have tons more items! Thanks for all of the updates. I too check this regularly to see what you have done....Kat

  7. I am new to this forum and just found this post. I started with page 1 and just reached to the end. This is a great post. Thanks so much for sharing all of your great finds. I will definitely keep checking this post. Thanks again...Kat

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