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  1. These are great! I really like them....Kat
  2. Dennis, Thanks so much for your explanation. I find your work so interesting and inspiring! ...Kat
  3. I Dennis, I do love to watch your progress. I am just curious about how you get them looking so great. Do you prefer to use arms and legs from other models to get the look you want or do you cut the figure then reshape to get your look? Does this make sense? ...Kat
  4. Dennis, I have a question. I noticed the leg from the knee down on one figure is a different color. Did you take the leg off another figure and attach it to this one to make him look like he is walking? Thanks, Kat
  5. If buying overpriced junk and then trying to make a profit is what you want then go for it.
  6. You aren't missing anything. It is a bunch of overpriced junk which is why it never sold before or during the going out of business sale. There are also some reproduction items mixed in the pile. ...Kat
  7. This is all from a consignment store that went out of business. It is not a collector. The store had all sorts of hunting, fishing and camping stuff. ...Kat
  8. Rene, Very appropriate for right now! Hahaha! ...Kat
  9. Does anyone know where we can get a Crocker-Wheeler Turret Training Type A-8 maintenance manual? In doing a search, we found a previously sold manual on Worthpoint. It also looks like at one time someone may have been selling DVD copies. I thought I would reach out here to see if anyone knows of any copies of the manual. Thanks in advance, Kat
  10. Dennis, Another project! I love to watch your work take shape. You have really kept yourself busy during this crazy time! ...Kat
  11. I Very true. And they also forget WWII didn't start at Pearl Harbor! ....Kat
  12. Mikie, So glad you are well! I hope your coworker who tested positive is better soon. A close friend had it and said it is brutal! ...Kat
  13. Great article. Thank you very much for sharing this. ..Kat
  14. Wow! I am speechless! This is amazing! ...Kat
  15. Rene, Great pictures! Is there a list of bridges that survived the war? I imagine most were completely damaged and needed rebuilding. ...Kat
  16. Ken, Great artwork! It does look like a Rosie the Riveter with the red bandana. ...Kat
  17. Mikie, I hope you will be alright and not catch the virus. Stay safe...Kat
  18. Welcome to this thread. It is by far my favorite thread on the forum! ...Kat
  19. Ken, Those sundials are very interesting. I have never seen anything like those. Great then and now pictures! ...Kat
  20. Awesome! Breaking so many glass ceilings! ...Kat
  21. Congrats to her! There will always be others who will try to discredit her accomplishments. I hope she ignores the naysayers and achieves her goals in life! May she be a role model to little girls everywhere. ...Kat
  22. Dennis, WOW! I am speechless! Amazing job on the road! ...Kat
  23. I agree! Great pictures. Johan, I I think you and Ken could spot a military vehicle in any picture! Hahahaha! ..Kat
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