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  1. I heard it will take about 10-15 years to repair her.Kat Glad everyone survived but hate so much to see this happen. ...Kat
  2. Ken and Johan, In the military vehicles section on the forum, Jagjetta started a thread with a quiz on your knowledge of jeeps. I think the two of you need to take the quiz to see who knows jeeps better! ...Kat
  3. Mikie, I have heard the number of people behind the lines to take care of one person on the front lines. People don't think about these things. ...Kat
  4. Amazing work! The ambulance looks bigger when it is pictured by itself. In the picture with you standing next to it, the scale is easier to see. I did not realize how small the were. ...Kat
  5. Wow! Your diorama is looking great! I love the rubble. ...Kat
  6. It is possible that it was a private purchase. The website did say it took a little while for the supply to hit the stores. I learned to never say never. 😁 Is that a name sewn in the back of the shorts? ..Kat
  7. According to the blitzkrieg website, the exercise attire was two piece (skirt or shorts) and shirt. It was not a one piece outfit. I do not believe this is a navy outfit. What do the buttons look like? Are there any tags? ...Kat
  8. Ken, These are too cool! I wonder how many people walk by and either do not notice or do not know what these are. Thanks for posting these! ...Kat
  9. These are too cool! One of my favorite planes is the Dauntless! ..Kat
  10. That looks like a beautiful view for a bicycle ride! ...Kat
  11. Thanks so much for letting me know about the medals. ...Kat
  12. Boy I have some catching up to do on this thread!I Ken, Amazing pictures of the shelter signs! Hard to believe they are still on the side of the buildings after all these years. I also love the cluster bomb explanation and pictures. Very interesting. I always find your jeep parts so interesting showing all of the "F" parts. I don't think many people would know to even look for that mark. Johan, The reuse of the PSP planking is very interesting. All of you were recycling before anyone else ever thought about it. Rene, Gr
  13. This is very cool! Your life should be made into a movie! You have more fun than anyone I know! Kat
  14. Ken, This is a great then and now shot. Amazing that they reconstructed this in the museum. That looks like a museum you could spend hours walking around! Also, it is great your friend bought the jeep! Take a picture when you get to ride in it! ...Kat
  15. Rene, interesting video. Thanks for posting. ...Kat
  16. Great picture! I have seen pictures of all sorts of women wearing these "patch" jackets. ...Kat
  17. Ken, You should buy the jeep back anyway! You can fix her up as she should be! I really love the jeep and other vehicle posts. But the LCT restoration is amazing! That is wonderful what your Dad did during the war. There were so many different important things done during the war. ...Kat
  18. These figures are looking great! So much detail on them. Love seeing your progress! ..Kat
  19. Dennis, I really love this vignette. You always take uncommon model subjects and portray them so naturally. ..Kat
  20. Dennis, These figures are amazing. I love the detail in each figure. The cart and road are great too. ...Kat
  21. This is great! I love the unusual and out of ordinary! There is a lot of great stuff packed into that small display. I love the bike. ...Kat
  22. Ken, This chart is a keeper! Great info. ...Kat
  23. Rene, This is a very interesting video. Thanks so much for sharing this one. That is a great little vehicle! ...Kat
  24. Gil, Great article! There is so much that women did during the war that is not known to so many. I love the following from the article: Parsons said people assumed she was working as a glorified secretary. Not being able to tell them otherwise was difficult. "They'd say 'What do you do?' and I'd say 'Well I have a desk job.' And they'd say 'Well that's what we thought women would get." And that was hard because I couldn't talk about it. " "The top bananas said that women couldn't keep a secret, and we showed them that we could."
  25. Ken, Amazing then and now pictures. What is the smaller vehicle to the right in the picture? ..Kat
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