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  1. This is too cool! I have never heard of these training aids. ...Kat
  2. Thank you so much for your help. It is greatly appreciated. We are planning on restoring it for a static display at our hangar. This is why I was hoping to find a picture of it so we know how it should look. I did hear back from The Hall of Flame. They are going to try to help research this a little more so I sent them some pictures. P.S. Very cool that you have owned firetrucks! Thanks again, Kat
  3. CrustyBosun, Thanks so much for your help. Around the neck of the tanks I found 5-47 which I assume is the date you are talking about. So does this mean the tank was made in 1947 or 1942 with the inspection being 5 years later? I also found this around the top: JAN-E-468 SPUN 8C65M ICC3A1800. RE-1069. ALFCO I looked close at the data plate and found: Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher on Wheels Classification 20-BC. L-560612 Thanks again, Kat
  4. Thank. I well look tonight. I also emailed Hall of Flame. I will let y'all know tomorrow. ..Kat
  5. Bob, Awesome! Thank you so much for the email address. I will contact them today. ...Kat
  6. Thank you so much for your help. I did contact the museum in Charleston. They said they are currently only going to the museum for administrative purposes but will look for us the next time they are in the museum. So you think this may not have been used at airports? Interesting. I am hoping to find more information and would love to find a picture of one of these in use. I will look closer on the cylinders tonight to see if I can find a date. Thank you again, Kat
  7. This is an American LaFrance Fire Extinguisher. The data plate has Model 100-S Series 4. There is also a number L-560612. We believe this was used at airports. We cannot find a date on the fire extinguisher. I have been searching online to try to find pictures of this extinguisher to use for restoration and historical purposes. I can't even find what year this was made. Have any of you ever seen pictures of this or know the history? Thank you in advance for any assistance, Kat
  8. Very nice! I really like how the mountainside turned out. Did you free hand paint the camo? The figure looks great. ...Kat
  9. Very nice grouping. The uniform cleaned up very nicely. I like anything to do with the nurse corps. ...Kat
  10. I totally agree with Manny! Every time I look at these pictures I see something different. Your figures are simply amazing! This turned out great. ..Kat
  11. Great picture! Looks like lots of fun! ...Kat
  12. Ken, All those cars are amazing. I am like Rene. I like the Renault truck the best. Did you get a picture of the dog riding on the motorcycle trailer? I really like all of the motorcycles too. So sad to see the cliffs eroding away. It would be amazing to see that many jeeps all together! ...Kat
  13. Ken, Great picture of the different jeeps! Must be amazing to see all of these. I am so jealous! Thanks so much for posting these pictures! ...Kat
  14. I heard it will take about 10-15 years to repair her.Kat Glad everyone survived but hate so much to see this happen. ...Kat
  15. Ken and Johan, In the military vehicles section on the forum, Jagjetta started a thread with a quiz on your knowledge of jeeps. I think the two of you need to take the quiz to see who knows jeeps better! ...Kat
  16. Mikie, I have heard the number of people behind the lines to take care of one person on the front lines. People don't think about these things. ...Kat
  17. Amazing work! The ambulance looks bigger when it is pictured by itself. In the picture with you standing next to it, the scale is easier to see. I did not realize how small the were. ...Kat
  18. Wow! Your diorama is looking great! I love the rubble. ...Kat
  19. It is possible that it was a private purchase. The website did say it took a little while for the supply to hit the stores. I learned to never say never. 😁 Is that a name sewn in the back of the shorts? ..Kat
  20. According to the blitzkrieg website, the exercise attire was two piece (skirt or shorts) and shirt. It was not a one piece outfit. I do not believe this is a navy outfit. What do the buttons look like? Are there any tags? ...Kat
  21. Ken, These are too cool! I wonder how many people walk by and either do not notice or do not know what these are. Thanks for posting these! ...Kat
  22. These are too cool! One of my favorite planes is the Dauntless! ..Kat
  23. That looks like a beautiful view for a bicycle ride! ...Kat
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