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  1. Ken, All those cars are amazing. I am like Rene. I like the Renault truck the best. Did you get a picture of the dog riding on the motorcycle trailer? I really like all of the motorcycles too. So sad to see the cliffs eroding away. It would be amazing to see that many jeeps all together! ...Kat
  2. Ken, Great picture of the different jeeps! Must be amazing to see all of these. I am so jealous! Thanks so much for posting these pictures! ...Kat
  3. I heard it will take about 10-15 years to repair her.Kat Glad everyone survived but hate so much to see this happen. ...Kat
  4. Ken and Johan, In the military vehicles section on the forum, Jagjetta started a thread with a quiz on your knowledge of jeeps. I think the two of you need to take the quiz to see who knows jeeps better! ...Kat
  5. Mikie, I have heard the number of people behind the lines to take care of one person on the front lines. People don't think about these things. ...Kat
  6. Amazing work! The ambulance looks bigger when it is pictured by itself. In the picture with you standing next to it, the scale is easier to see. I did not realize how small the were. ...Kat
  7. Wow! Your diorama is looking great! I love the rubble. ...Kat
  8. It is possible that it was a private purchase. The website did say it took a little while for the supply to hit the stores. I learned to never say never. 😁 Is that a name sewn in the back of the shorts? ..Kat
  9. According to the blitzkrieg website, the exercise attire was two piece (skirt or shorts) and shirt. It was not a one piece outfit. I do not believe this is a navy outfit. What do the buttons look like? Are there any tags? ...Kat
  10. Ken, These are too cool! I wonder how many people walk by and either do not notice or do not know what these are. Thanks for posting these! ...Kat
  11. These are too cool! One of my favorite planes is the Dauntless! ..Kat
  12. That looks like a beautiful view for a bicycle ride! ...Kat
  13. Thanks so much for letting me know about the medals. ...Kat
  14. Boy I have some catching up to do on this thread!I Ken, Amazing pictures of the shelter signs! Hard to believe they are still on the side of the buildings after all these years. I also love the cluster bomb explanation and pictures. Very interesting. I always find your jeep parts so interesting showing all of the "F" parts. I don't think many people would know to even look for that mark. Johan, The reuse of the PSP planking is very interesting. All of you were recycling before anyone else ever thought about it. Rene, Gr
  15. This is very cool! Your life should be made into a movie! You have more fun than anyone I know! Kat
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