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  1. I agree! Great pictures. Johan, I I think you and Ken could spot a military vehicle in any picture! Hahahaha! ..Kat
  2. Ken, Great picture. What I find interesting is how the floor is made so the soldiers doing the shoe fitting can stand while working rather than having to sit at weird angles. ...Kat
  3. Dennis, Looks great so far! Your talent is amazing! I love to watch your builds. I hope you stay safe and well...Kat
  4. Joe, I think some collectors forget that for many veterans their military service is just a few years of a very long life. They did so much before and after their service. My best to you, Kat
  5. Joe, I have never seen these badges. These are very interesting. You have some amazing items in your collection! ...Kat
  6. Rene, Great then and now picture. It is hard to tell if is the same spot. Sometimes urban renewal is not for the best. ...Kat
  7. I watched this movie over the weekend. Very good movie! I highly recommend! ...Kat
  8. Amazing grouping! Congrats! ...Kat
  9. Very nice. I like how the back of the half-track is raised in the air. ...Kat
  10. Rene, This would be so great to be able to walk around and listen to the history. Amazing stuff y'all are doing over there. ...Kat
  11. Very nice!! I really like how everyone is posed in the LCVP. ..Kat
  12. Joe, Thanks for the close-up of the order. I looked it up in my WAAC/WAC reference book. It looks like there was some confusion when they were converting to WAC. Some women were told they could go home when it was not correct. Some women thought they were in the Army only to find out later on that they did not move to the Army. If I am looking at this correctly, according to this reference number, she was sent home and did not enlist in the WACs. Do you have anything stating she went into the WAC? As I said, there was some confusion in the orders so she may have stayed in. Kat
  13. Joe, One other note on the dates. Besides the date of July 7, it looks like there is also a date of Aug 19. I read that they had until the end of August to get a discharge from the WAAC. Could the date of July 7 be the date the order listed was effective and the date of Aug 19 is the date your WAAC became a WAC? I believe this is the case but am unsure if I am reading correctly from the pictures. ...Kat
  14. Phil, The WAACs became WACs on July 1, 1943. Since this is dated July 7, 1943, I believe this was her discharge from the WAACs so she could enlist as a WAC. ...Kat
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