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    First Infantry Division Items<br /><br />USAAF Patches: I need all except standard USAAF (no number), 1st, 2nd, 4th, 8th 11th, Far East Command<br /><br />Original Military Radio Equipment
  1. I picked this up today at a small flea market that I go to once in a while. I don't know much about Vietnam berets or the River Patrol Force, but I have heard of them, specifically TF 116, so I knew it was worth buying. Considering the area it came from and the person I bought it from, I am pretty sure it's original. The lady I bought it from said she thought it was from Vietnam, but didn't really know for sure. I found a few other threads on this forum discussing the authenticity of similar TF 116 Berets here, here, and here. So guys, did I get lucky and find an original TF 116 beret?
  2. Yes, it is a very interesting picture, but does anyone know what unit is pictured? Of course I can't find the book (The Fighting First) at the moment, but I believe it is either the 16th or 18th infantry regiment (1st Infantry division) landing on Omaha beach.
  3. Also, as far as I can tell, the rifle in the case is an airsoft gun. The stock is too shiny.
  4. I think it almost looks like 7.62 Nagant. But something's different... http://www.smokewagongear.com/p-42-fiocchi...t-98gr-fmj.aspx
  5. Oh dear... engrish need work does This is just sad. I barely know anything about helmets, but come on. I do hope that nobody bids on it.
  6. I went there as well this summer. My family and I didn't know that the day we went had free admission! Apparently, we were the only people in the area that didn't know. The place was so packed that they sold out on tickets to tour U-505, which I find strange because the tickets for that were also free. We attempted to get tickets 4 hours before the place even closed. I still got tons of pics of the outside, and there were some vets there answering questions. I would post my pics, but gwb123 has it covered.
  7. http://aad.archives.gov/aad/record-detail....amp;rid=6409033 This him? He is also from Wisconsin.
  8. I was looking for some m56 pouches too, but all the ones I saw were too minty/expensive. Good finds! I wish I had found some $1 dog tags! Last un researched dog tag I saw the crazy lady wanted $30! :lol2:
  9. It indeed does help! Thanks for the ID, Robert :thumbsup: Paul
  10. Thanks Forum Support! I guess the family moved in the last 23 years.
  11. There were also 6 flannel shirts. Most appear new or worn very little. This one has some sort of inspector's tag on it I believe: Tag close up: 4 of the shirts are the 1942 pattern. 2 are the older 1937 pattern. Both of the 1937 Pattern shirts have some sort of laundry mark on them. 1937 Pattern shirt: Shirt 1 Laundry mark PX4-4899 Shirt 1 tag Shirt 2 Laundry mark PX4-2149 Shirt 2 tag My understanding is that laundry marks were the last letter followed by the last 4 digits of the serial number. Is it possible that these shirts didn't belong to Marudas. Wh
  12. Inside, there were 5 khaki shirts. 4 with chevrons and other patches, one in the wrappers, no patches that I have been able to see. Same order as above, just other sleeve: Close up of Wolf patch: NOS Shirt:
  13. I recently acquired this trunk grouping. The name is scratched off the top of the trunk, but it is still mostly legible. I have only had a hard time with the last name. I can make out most of the letters as MARUDAS. The "D" I am not 100% sure about. The ASN appears to be 37560854. The 4 is painted/stenciled on backwards. This number does not appear in NARA unless I am searching incorrectly. First, I will post pictures of the trunk itself. Left Side: (The tag is marked 902 - 265 60) Right Side:
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