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  1. The captioned Swedish article photo shows him wearing the soldier's medal and translates roughly to Christmas 1943.
  2. The Swedish web page gives his account of his service. Translation says he "participated in 3 invasions" in the Mediterranean area. North Africa, Sicily, and the mainland of Italy. During a convoy action of the night of February 22-23 near Bermuda, a big American oil tanker hit another ship filled with American Army troops causing 30 dead and many injured. The newspaper article indicates he assisted in the repairs of this troopship and was thus awarded a soldier's medal. I'm sure there is more to the story as the newspaper article on page 2 of June 21, 1944 says he served 20 months with the 1
  3. Yes. The picture I have is a head shot in uniform at Camp Endicott in 1945. Same man.
  4. Interesting find from the 2018 SOS. A named and numbered Soldier's Medal to a Seabee. Numbered 5428 on the edge. To an EM2c from New York. Unit unknown although I did find a picture of him online. Award found in a roster in the back of the Seabee book "Can Do". Unusual cross service award of an army award to a navy man.
  5. What shape of patch is this considered? Shield? Background blue. Thanks!
  6. Original WWI image of a DSC recipient. Captain of artillery. Not identified.
  7. Original, framed WWI 29th Division DSC recipient. Not identified.
  8. Original, signed, WWI DSC image of Chaplin Thomas E. Swan, 125th infantry.
  9. Here is an original period image of WWI MOH recipient. Identified as Harold I. Johnston Co. A. 356th Infantry 89th Division
  10. I have a couple of other attributed war service crosses I will post.
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