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    Collecting items related to WWII in Iceland.
  1. Thanks guys. What do you think about this set? WWI or possibly theater made?
  2. CDub, Thanks for that info. My friend (old time collector) owns a full uncut Sparta sheet with 8 patches on it. Sparta was a boys clothing shop on Laugavegur main street Reykjavik, which sold these patches to anyone during WWII. Comparing a photo of that sheet, with your patch, is a close match, but not 100%. Maybe Sparta and Calico used similar dies stamps to print the patches? Regards Hinrik
  3. Hello all, here are some new photos of my USMC / 49th WR Div Polar bears collection. Hope you like this, has taken many years and $$ to put this together.
  4. As promised, updated photo of my Polar bear collection:
  5. What do you guys think about this set? Not really a head down version. Could this be WWI? Reg Hinrik
  6. Steve, great to hear. Gunslinger: I think that your printed patch might actually be an Icelandic "Sparta" theater made patch. Need to take new photos of my Polar bears collection, the photo Eric posted is "outdated" Regards Hinrik
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