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  1. Kyle, I believe these are called aiguillettes and they do come in branch specific colors. We have a few in Red for Artillery and yellow for cavalry as well as blue for infantry at the NCO Museum.. I believe these would be draped across the front of the dress uniform, I have seen many of these accompany the dress helmets, similar to what you show.. Not sure if they are some how connected with the helmet and the placement on the dress uniforms... Leigh
  2. I have a few occupation pieces by ASSMANN, mostly collar brass and other insignia, and I must say that is a rather steep price but a nice piece. Leigh
  3. Here is one place that makes the guidons to military specifications.. Prices don't look too bad. aflagshop.com Guidons - Military Flags (aflagshop.com) Hope this helps... Best regards and Blessings, stay safe.. Leigh
  4. Those are very nice.. Merry Christmas Dirk.. Leigh
  5. Very nice 8 cog wheel variant.. Leigh
  6. My deepest condolences on the loss of your brother. He is at Peace now and is free of pain... My father was not in Europe during WW2, however he served in the Korean War with the 7th Infantry Division. One of the reasons we wanted to visit was because one of his Uncle's was with the 69th Infantry Division, 272nd Infantry Regiment "BATTLE AXE". He was killed in action during the battle of Leipzig in April 1945 and is buried in Margraten Cemetery. We were hoping to get a chance to visit his grave but time did not permit this. I was however able to reach out to a forum member who was
  7. Ken, Thank you for the kind words.. It goes without saying it has been a rather difficult year for many of us, but it is relaxing to sit and look through the photos you post along with the others who have contributed to the post as well.. It takes me back to better times when my father and I came to Normandy and went across Europe touring the battlefields... Thank you again.. Best regards and Blessings to everyone Leigh
  8. Ken, Been a while since I have been here, many months.. life issues and other events.... It is great to see some of the new posts and photos.. One of the best topics on our forum.. Best regards and Blessings to you and our forum family Stay safe Leigh
  9. Brian Remarkable and poignant exhibits... It validates that museums have no boundaries when it comes to exhibits and displays.. It also shows the ingenuity of museum staff to think outside the box... Thank you for sharing... Best regards and Blessings,, Stay Safe Leigh
  10. Ray, Late to the party but those are some great uniforms. The NCO leadership striped uniform is very nice, these are not too easy to come by.. I recently found a 6th Armored Division 76th Infantry Division Sergeants uniform with combat leader stripes, not named unfortunately but a nice example regardless. I also have a named 36th/63rd Medics Ike jacket with the same combination of patches.. Some interesting history with it. The medic was involved in liberating Kaufering Concentration camp, a subcamp of Dachau with the 36th. The Medic served with the 36th through all of
  11. Welcome Sarah, The new format and colors look great.. Very relaxing to my aging eyes Leigh
  12. Bringing this back to the top today, the 79th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor Attack Leigh
  13. In remembrance of the 79th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Leigh
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