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  1. Its a great piece from your fathers time in the service.. Thank you for sharing it and honoring your father Best regards Leigh
  2. Martin, This is a great piece.. I would have to agree that the disc in the photo on the back of the jeep matches yours.. I also compared the A and the O's and I would say they were identical.. Do you know if the jeep your dad's hand is resting on was the one he was assigned? Leigh
  3. Hey Lance,, Never too late to a party I say.. Your input is also greatly appreciated and Many Thanks to all those who have also contributed.. Best regards and Blessings to everyone,, stay safe please.. Leigh
  4. Skip, Thank you for your input. I was hoping that you would see this too. I looked with a magnifying glass but didn't see anything. But now I will go back and look closer.. Best regards and Blessings.. Stay safe Leigh
  5. Steve, That is a good point, I had not thought of that.. It does appear to have the look of being filed down, perhaps that is exactly what occurred. Thank you again for your thoughtful insight.. Best regards and Blessings, stay safe Leigh
  6. Greetings Tony, Thank you for your thoughts on this knife.. My only concern was the lightness of the US stamp and the lack of the JEWELL stamp in the scabbard Thank you again Leigh
  7. Good evening Steve, Thank you very much for your assessment.. Best Leigh
  8. Good evening everyone.. I hope that everyone is doing well in their neck of the woods/world I have had this for a number of years, picked it up in a box of other bayonets and some other odds and ends at a military base post wide yard sale. I am not sure if this is original or not, but based on the research I have done I believe it is. The only thing that is throwing me is the lack of the Jewell stamp on the leather scabbard and that the US is very lightly stamped. You can just make out the US with a looking glass. The LF&C 1917 is very prominent as well as the MS s
  9. I kind of thought it was a typo error.. I know you know your stuff Costa... No harm no foul.. Hope you are well, stay safe Best regards Leigh
  10. These are very interesting flags... I would highly advise against washing or dry cleaning these items as any rigorous handling will most likely shred these beyond any reasonable type of repair. Dry cleaning also has chemical components that may cause damage. If you are willing to invest the money these should be properly conserved/preserved by a professional company and mounted properly in acrylic. The 1st Armored Division Museum where I am curator has numerous flags that date back to the Civil War and we sent approximately 10 flags from our collection to th
  11. Jeff, Thank you VERY much. This information you provided will be updated into the catalog system and properly annotated. I appreciate you reaching out to help clarify and identify what this ribbon actually was/is. We have a substantial reference library on Armored vehicles and foreign equipment but lack some basic reference material for US insignia.. Will try to obtain an extra copy from another museum.. Thank you again, Best regards and Blessings, stay safe Leigh
  12. Greetings Forum members.. Hoping that you are all doing well in your part of the world... I have been cleaning up some of the records we have at the museum and I have come across this ribbon that I believe has been misidentified. Initially it was marked as an Unknown ribbon on the accession card, but was later entered into the database as a Mexican Border Service Ribbon. The Mexican Service Medal colors are similar but not exact and the person who entered the information in the database may have thought this was the same ribbon. This accession did belong to a Soldier/Ve
  13. Franco, These are incredible photographs. Your images could be made into postcards and sold at various museums.. This is wonderful photography. Thank you for sharing your impressive collection with us. Leigh
  14. Al, In regards to the Foreign Jump wings. The US Army has an exchange program where US Paratroopers will train with foreign nations and vice versa. Host Nation's where we have Soldiers as well as NATO partnering Nations host joint exercises and offer the opportunity for our Soldiers to earn foreign jump wings, hence the Canadian wings on this Soldier's uniform. Other nations also offer this exchange program, Germany for example has a wonderful exchange program with their Fallschirmjagers (Paratroopers) and ours.. Leigh
  15. Great shuttle mission patches. I see you have the Christa McAuliffe Challenger Patch.. A teacher from my home state of New Hampshire,, such a tragedy when all 7 were lost on the Challenger.. Leigh
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