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  1. Going through my pocket patch collection, I found this one for the 522nd Engineer Company.
  2. According to the handout, there will be weapons available. As for how many weapons tables, that is not known. You can contact hearlandmilitariashow.com for the information. Larry
  3. The 67th Engineer Company was located at Fort Wainwright. In February-March 1976, my company went to Fort Wainwright for Jack Frost training and while there I purchased all flashes that were worn there, which were made at the post concession cleaners. And they did wear the OD beret (I referred to it as a 'Buffalo Chip' beret). Here is the flash from the Engineer Company.
  4. When I attended SF training in 1967, we were authorized to wear the beret without a flash only after we completed Phase I. We could place the flash on the beret only after we graduated from Training Group with orders transferring us to a Group. The next picture is of my ex after finishing her fifth jump while attending jump school that was conducted by the HALO school cadre in May 1977. She is wearing the green beret with the 5th SFGA recognition bar or what most called the candy bar. Later, date I'm not sure, Center changed the policy and that all non-SF qualified personal but were airbor
  5. Here is another from my collection. The MAAG patch is US made while the tab was made in Saigon. This was my father's when he was stationed with MAAG Indo-China, or, the official title, Army Section 8482nd AAU MAAG (according to his transfer orders). The tan/brown stuff is from double adhesive tape that I used to mount the patch on boards
  6. If you do decide to open the case and some of the cans, don't open the ones that are bulging as the food has fermented and methane gas has built up (voice of experience).
  7. I arrived at Camp Duc Hua in late July 1968 and we were using both cloth and nylon sandbags. The structure in the background, to the left of the generator shed uses both types of sandbags. In the foreground, I'm on the left and SGT Oka (Jr. Medic) and we're making trashcans using det cord. I used a 30-second time fuse (give or take 15 seconds).
  8. Here are a few from my collection. The 7th Engineer Brigade with the tab is from my pocket patch collection. The 8th Log Command patch with the Thailand tab was found in a tool bag with a note that the patch belonged to a soldier who was with the 809th Engineer Aviation Battalion.
  9. The Lone Star Republic show will take place at the Dallas Market Hall on 23 & 24 January, 2021. I contacted Matt Hindi and he informed me that it is still on and there are very few tables left. The address for the show is 2200 N. Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX 75207. For additional information, go to heartlandmilitariashow.com.
  10. Finding post engineer patches is slow but finding one that is from a closed regular post is even harder. This one is from Fort McClellan, AL, which closed in 1999, and the DEH stands for Directorate of Engineering and Housing. The current name is Directorate. of Public Works.
  11. The hanger that was used for the balloon is still standing. I first saw the hanger when my dad took my mom, sister and me on a tour of the post in 1959. We were able to go inside at that time.
  12. We did not have Bob Hope visit our camp but Martha (Maggie) Ray did. Sometime in November 1968 she made the rounds to all A, B, and C camps and I happened to be in our camp, Camp Duc Hue (Duke Way), A-325. She had a photographer accompanied her with a Polaroid camera, taking a picture of her and the detachment member. She would autograph all photographs taken, Mine was destroyed when my hold baggage got wet when moving from Okinawa to Fort Bragg. But I did take pictures of her and some of the guys who were in camp at the time. In the first picture, she is with Lt Rosco, CA/PO officer, se
  13. The poster was created after the 1st Special Operations Command (Airborne) (Provisional) was activated on 1 October 1982. The unit was deactivated in April 1987 when the Special Operations Command was activated. At that time only the 1st, 5th, 7th and 10th Special Forces Groups were active at that time. On 11 September 1987 The Special Forces Branch was officially activated. I was stationed at JFK Center at the time and attended the ceremony. Larry
  14. The last badge came from the 34th Support Group, Area II, Yongsan Garrison, ROK
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