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  1. In November I posted a 1st Division, 2nd Engineer Battalion shoulder patch to see if it is real or fake and no replies so far. So, is it fake or real? If it is a fake, it is a good one. Larry
  2. This Engineer patch has been identified as both the 88th Engineer Battalion and the 16th Engineer Battalion. First, the 88th Engineer Battalion was never in the Vietnam War and the 16th Engineer Battalion was located in Germany, again, not Vietnam. The only other choice is the 8th Engineer Battalion (the Eight Balls). I have another 8th Engineer Battalion pocket patch, not from Vietnam, that uses the Eight Ball in the design. In my opinion, the VN-made patch was made for the 8th Engineer Battalion. Comments? Larry
  3. I use to trade with Annie when I would go to the Fort Belvoir meets before she retired as Director. Her DI collection was mounted at the Rec Center for all to see. One she displayed her Engineer collection and it was a fantastic collection. I was told that the DI collection went to the QM Museum at Fort Lee, VA. As for her cloth collection, I don't know what happen to it. In addition to her military collection, she also collected Red Cross pins. Larry
  4. After reading the writeups, I have a patch to submit for the ETIT. The first time I saw this patch was on a back cover of an Engineer Technical manual from the Korean War. This patch I picked up in the early 1990s from the way it was made and I have not seen an Asian made patch since. I have seen current made patch with a merrowed edge, not cut. Comments???? Larry
  5. The officer pinning some award on CPT REED was LTC Combs, the CO of 46th SF Co. I don't know if CPT Reed was the dentist when I signed in around October 1969 but who ever it was, he did a great job removing all of my wisdom teeth in three settings. LTC Combs took over from LTC Stephen R. Johnson mid 1970.
  6. I'll go with that ID until someone can prove differently. Thanks. Larry
  7. As I only collect the Corps of Engineer insignias, I would like to offer some of my favorites, the Pennsylvania's 1st Engineer Battalion devices.
  8. First, is this patch from the WWII period? Second, was it used as a shoulder patch or pocket patch? Third, is it the 3rd Engineer Battalion or 3rd Engineer Brigade (Separate)? Any help with its ID would be appreciated.
  9. Actually, there were 4 5th Group flashes that have been designed. The first was a solid black or very dark blue, then a white border to represent personnel from Training Group, next came the addition of red and yellow. The colors were added to reflect the use of personnel from the 1st and 7th Group, in the form of the South Vietnamese flag. The last design was around 1986 or 87 when the 5th Group Commander decided to remove the red and yellow 'flag' and have only the white border. At the time I was the Company Operations Sergeant for A Company and I had about 4 or 5 bundles of the white bo
  10. I figure around 1964-66 time frame when soldiers in Vietnam started wearing the subdued patches and guys from WWII and the Korea War began to have their combat patch made into subdued if they were assigned to Vietnam. Thanks.
  11. As with the 55th Engineer patch, this was also part of a payment to sell the collection. I'm not sure if the patch was made for the 2nd Army or it was made for the 2nd Engineer Regiment but its the only one I've seen so far. Any comments are welcomed. Thanks. Larry
  12. These are some of my Engineer patches that I have picked up over 30 years ago and have not seen since either for trade or sell. They are: 516th Engineer Service Detachment; 76th Engineer Battalion, Company C, 2nd Platoon; 803rd Engineer Battalion; 806th Engineer Aviation Battalion, 896th Engineer Floating Bridge Company; and 387th Engineer Battalion (Separate). I derived the 806th number from the number 8 pool ball', the number '0' from the ball's white background, and the number '6' from the die. And yes, it is painted on leather. Larry
  13. I believe the patch was for the Lathrop Engineer Depot after searching the internet for Livermore Depot. The Livermore Depot turned out to be a Naval Air Station during WWII, not an Army location. The Lathrop Engineer Depot later became Sharpe Army Depot. Also, after seeing the photograph of the soldier with the LED patch on his left shoulder, I'm moving my patch from the pocket patch to the shoulder patch. Larry
  14. That is worn by the River Pilot when on the waterways. I have one on the cap and I have seen them still in the wrapper. They also made as a patch. I don't know if the patch was authorized or just for civilian jacket.
  15. Also, the 8th Group flash did not have a border. The 5th's first flash was either black or very dark blue, depending on individual who wore the flash and I knew people who wore both.ds When the 10th started wearing the flash, some were made of pool table cloth. Larry
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