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  1. These are only the dates for the Birmingham Assay office, there's also London, Sheffield, Chester and Edinburgh. Birmingham Assay marks do appear to be the most prolific on WWII American insignia though.
  2. Happy days, I do love a bargain! Thank you for your help, it's very much appreciated.
  3. That's fantastic news, many thanks! I was the only bidder on UK eBay, cost me £10 (approx $13USD), so pretty pleased with that 🙂
  4. Do these sterling marked jump wings look OK to you guys?
  5. Brilliant, thank you all for taking the time to look over the helmet..I really do appreciate it! At least it's not all bad and the liner is an original. Thanks again!
  6. Ah I see, thank you. So the only part that's original is the liner, which is scarce. Any idea how much the liner is potentially worth?
  7. Thanks all again. Strange putting an original liner into a fake shell, are original shells hard to acquire?
  8. Thanks for the replies so far guys. So the liner is ok but the shell isn't, what about the chin strap etc? What makes the shell fake? Sorry for the questions but I know absolutely nothing about lids, so am just trying to learn.
  9. That's a shame, could you possibly elaborate? The whole thing is fake or just the painted on decals, rank etc?
  10. Hi, This helmet has been sent to a friend of mine who has been tasked to sell it on consignment. First he would like to make sure if it's all correct or not. What do you guys think, is it OK or has it been enhanced? Many thanks in advance. Dave
  11. Well thank you for taking the time out to reply, it's greatly appreciated!
  12. Yep those left 3 definitely match mine. I noticed the missing part of the frame top right and at first I thought it was broken off but obviously it's part of the die, as 2 of yours have the missing part. So do you class your 3 as repros? I'm not so sure they are.
  13. Yep I can't argue about the quality, it's certainly lacking. Very solid metal though despite it's appearance of being the contrary, definitely difficult to bend.
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