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  1. Bring some to Raleigh it’s a good forum for show and tell. Mike
  2. Wiesbaden in the immediate post World War II era was headquarters of the USAF in Germany. This's remained until mid 70s when the Wiesbaden community transioned to the Army and the USAF headquarters moved more towards Ramstein AB. Post war saw the establishment of Area Commands prior to redesignition of communities. Here is a web site that may help. http://www.usarmygermany.com/ The Wiesbaden Area pins recognized the service of civilians in the Area Command. There is a whole area of civilian recognition for service, lapel pins and medals. Mike
  3. I have a question, how did CPT Fike get to be Colonel (of either flavor light or bird)? Last I saw he aseared to be a rather junior Captian. Just askin'. Mike
  4. Not a problem, Battalion XO or S3 of the Infanty Battalion that provided security support to one of the Pershing Battalions. Mike
  5. Lots of positive comments, all true. I've been attending for years and this was by far the best, well attended show. Great weather helped, I believe that they actually maxed out table space, lots of people, lots of good items. I had a good haul of stuff. Mike
  6. To top it off, all the best medals are in a period Bailey, Banks and Biddle eight medal case! Rare and hard to find. Great stuff, Mike
  7. I have a very similar story to that of some of the others who have posted. I had several of the bottles that I purchased in the late 70's at the class VI Store in Wiesbaden, Germany. I recall it the cost was somewhere in the $3-5 dollar range per bottle. AAFES (the PX system) was selling these all over the European class VI market. There was an interesting marketing campaign, history, a booklet old labels......, I even believe there were stories in the Stars and Stripes Newspaper and Off Post the free TV guide available to service men and women. None of the stuff I or my friends bought was dr
  8. This would have been in support of the Hungarian nationalist during the Soviet invasion Oct/Nov 1956. The Hungarians were getting a bit friendly with the West and the kindly Soviets felt the need to crush this. 1000's killed.
  9. Robert, To you and the whole team, profound thanks for all your hard work and perseverance. Any success achieved has been directly to you and the others who worked so hard and long to educate folks on the threat. Thanks pal. Mike
  10. Does anyone know where the web site went? http://www.usmcpresentarms.com was a great web site, full of information on the USMC to include pre and between war information. A real shame when it disappeared. Mike
  11. You are a genius! Great work, I'm very impresssed with the quality of the final product. Mike
  12. Need some help friends, Attempting to reunite the medals for an individual who served in the U.S. Navy from 1913 to 1920. I need the Haitian Campaign Medal #2377 and Mexican Service Medal #4158 to complete the group Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks Mike
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