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  1. Hey Glen It`s made from grey plastic. Do you have a example of this?
  2. Thanks forum support and claptonisgod for your post. But MW what was the number you find G R Brendel and do you have a link to the memorial site where this text stands. Thank you All
  3. Thank you very much M W for all the information you gatherd.
  4. Hello This weekend i went to Groesbeek to search with my metal detector. One of the findings that day was a spare barrel from a .30 browning machine gun and a US life jacket with co2 bottle. There was a name on the life jacket and thats great ,but i can`t find it on the nara site maybe someone can help me. The name is G R Brendle and his number is o-681286 or o-631386 or o-687286 or 637386 i`m not sure about the number because its not so clear. On the site where landed 82nd 505pir and 325 gir. Thank you.
  5. And this insigne is found by a search mate
  6. Yesterday i went back to Groesbeek for a search day with the detector and i found this Flak-Jacket and a pocket knife with a nice inscription.
  7. http://www.ww2-airborne.us/units/505/505im...rt_505h_bio.jpg Maybay this i the person???
  8. This is the yellow bar before it turned red. And about the name i can`t find him any where with this initialen H H that is in the steel helmet en on the liner are the blue letters HY?T. Thanks for the reactions and help to find out how the man is.
  9. The red markings on the helmet are from the gas paint its a reaction with the stuff i put on the helmet to preserve him against rust.
  10. I think so but i`m not sure. And in the steel helmet are the markings H-H but i can`t find the name on the 82nd site`s or on the NARA. Can someone help me with this.
  11. This is de front off the helmet with a red bar?? i don`t know what this is can someone help me with the determination of the red bars en black cirkels above de bails on the side of the helmet.
  12. Fresh from the Market-Garden battle field ,Groesbeek this US helmet from the 82st 504th airborne division. And this from a fox hole.
  13. Thanks for the reactions ,and the information about Anderson
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