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  1. It is now Friday 10 July and the show is still on, it looks like it will be a good show in spite of everything that is going on. Hope to see everyone there and wearing a mask.
  2. Just an up date, the show is still on as of today (5 July) but as fast as things are changing that could change. Will post again Friday if still on or sooner if we have to cancel. If you plan to attend please wear a mask.
  3. Given the small size it is probably not a ship's bell but rather off of a boat. As to the Army connection remember that until the creation of the Military Sealift Cmd the Army supplied their own water transportation and the Army actually had more boats than the Navy.
  4. The mark is Korean, it can also be found on bayonets the Koreans modified and made. The second kidney pad is to accommodate the smaller stature of the Korean soldiers.
  5. I don't think that is an under garment but rather the top of a swimsuit or exercise suit. The material and the buttons on the shoulder don't say undershirt to me.
  6. The Dress White uniform was droped just before WWII, it had blue collar and cuffs. The White Undress uniform could be worn as a dress uniform with the addition of a tie or neckerchief, what ever it is called, but it was not a very attractive uniform and I think most men wanted to look their best to go home so they opted for the blues. I don't remember ever seeing a White Undress Uniform with a Ruptured Duck but I do have a dark blue on white one so they do exist.
  7. I bet if you clean the paint off of the data plate on the lid all will be revealed.
  8. I just googled Army Scripture Readers and after reading about them I find it hard to believe that is their insignia. Why would a British civilian charity servicing the British Army wear what is basically the Merchant Marine insignia? From what I read they wear the letters ASR in a wreath. I think it is more likely this is a Merchant Marine hat and ASR are the initials of the shipping company that wore it.
  9. Yes it is very early, the number DSA-100 was only used in 1966 and the shoulder straps were quickly added. I expect the price of this jacket to shoot up at the end as it is a very hard to find pattern and there are a lot of people watching it and I am sure more now that it is posted here.
  10. The description says 1st pattern and it appears to be (made with out shoulder straps) which would make it very early. If I remember right they only made them that way for about a year.
  11. It is hard to get an idea of what it looks like and how it works could you show some pictures of it opened up and laid flat, both sides. I can't tell how it buckles or what all these rivets are holding. The narrower straps attached to the wider strap appear to form loops leading me to think it is some sort of a tool belt. It also looks like it was made up from miscellaneous pieces and the markings may have been on something else before this was put together.
  12. There appears to be no ZipCode in the company address so it would be pre-1963 and the Federal Stock Number makes it post-1957.
  13. The Florida Military Collectors Show at Renningers Antique Market will be 11 July 2020 assuming that we are all still here. This is an open air show, there is a cement floor and a roof but no walls so you won't be in a confined space with a lot of people. Admission and parking are free. As of right now the show is on but given the current state of affairs that could change so make plans to attend but check before you leave to make sure. I will post any updates as they happen and let you know right before the show that it is still on. Hope to see everyone there. Almost forgot the address is 20651 US Highway 441 Mount Dora FL 32757 and the hours are 9:00AM to 4:00PM.
  14. I think we have a winner. I have found several references to VA-44 being called the Scarlet Knights including one website with a picture of the patch. Another mystery of collecting solved. Many thanks for the help.
  15. Thanks for the help. The only thing I could find on the 219th Red Horse is they use a red stylized horse head not a chess piece and as stated the style and construction seem to predate the Air Force Red Horse units. I would guess it is from the 1950s but for all I know it could be a chess club patch.
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