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  1. There seems to be some confusion about the show, It will happen tomorrow (9 January). Some one at Renningers neglected to list it on their website but I was there today setting up the tables and everything is all set for the show. So hope to see everyone there.
  2. I would guess the pins were bent and someone used a pair of pliers to straighten them and the serrations in the pliers jaws left the marks or the clutch just dug into the pin. I would attach no meaning to the marks.
  3. The Auxiliary of an origination is usually made up the the members spouses and the president is a woman (Dorothy) I would say Jean is the wife of the airman.
  4. Yes, it is pretty much a covered patio but a big one it holds 110 tables. That is why we live in Florida, outdoor military shows in the middle of winter and no one gets frost bite.
  5. I have been trying to figure out what this is for quite a while, I have a pair of Warrant Officer Radio Operator shoulder boards with this on it. What I have figured out is that it is almost for sure Merchant Marine and I think I is the mark of licensed personal also used as a striker for midshipmen. I am not that up on MM operation but I believe you have to go to the Merchant Marine Academy to be licensed. I can't remember where I found that but remember thinking at the time that it makes sense but really needs to be verified. Hopefully someone will be able to find out for sure.
  6. The Florida Military Collectors Show will be 9 January 2021 at Renningers Antique Market 20651 US Highway 441 Mount Dora FL. Hours are 9:00AM to 4:00PM admission and parking are free. This is an open air show held in a building with a floor and roof but no walls and masks are required to minimize the Covid threat. The show has sold out so it should be a good one, hope to see everyone there.
  7. That is the Beechcraft Busy Bee logo with the 1 added, they must have been flying Beechcraft planes of else they just lifted their logo.
  8. I have no idea what unit it is but to me it has more the look of an Army aviation unit than AF.
  9. No. the hilt of the sword should be in the lower right corner.
  10. 3rd Medical Bn pocket patch. Should be rotated so it sits squarely, the background is the 3rd Division patch.
  11. QED4

    Odd AAF Patch

    Yes, I am pretty sure it is just the film reacting to the light but it would be interesting to find a two color patch like that. Also notice it appears to have an OD boarder which is the same shade of gray on both sides.
  12. I came across this picture in a magazine sometime back and made a copy of it, the caption gave no information other than his name and that he was in the AAF. I assume the patch is just a trick of the light but it is decided so perfectly in half I am not sure. Any one ever seen anything like this before, anyway I thought it was interesting and wonder if there really is patch out there some where like this.
  13. If the ends don’t unscrew how would get it through the holes in the collar?
  14. The corporal badge was most likely worn on the old style (Keystone Cops style) police helmets.
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