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  1. Thanks Niner Alpha I appreciate the information Take Care Greg
  2. Thanks all! I appreciate all of the info and I agree that the price guides are just that "a guide". The Blue Book has them @$2,875.00 40 o/o and $3,950.00 for 70 o/o. The owner is asking $3,000.00 gun only and he calls it Vg to Exc. Have any of you ever seen an original holster with the PC embossed? Better yet do you know of one for sale? Thanks Ron for the Philippine Constabulary info and David I had no idea Thompson the inspector was related the Tommy Gun designer. Glad to find this site and I hope I can contribute in the future. Thanks again Greg
  3. Hello All I happened upon this thread while doing research on a 1902 revolver I am thinking about buying. Thank you for allowing me to join. Here are a few pictures of the revolver and also two of what I believe is a commercial/civilian holster for the 1902. I would very much appreciate any feedback as far as estimated value for the revolver. The seller has described the 1902 as being 100% correct and original in very good to excellent condition. Thanks and Redards Greg
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