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  1. Hi, recently this rusted (dug up?) dagger was found in a pile of junk in Belgium. Might this be a known type of US WW2 used dagger? Does anyone have an idea? Kind regards and thanks for your time! Gerd
  2. Hi, I have here what seems to be a US ARMY Signal Corps generator. Can anyone confirm this? I don't know if it's still in working condition. Is this WW2 era? Or rather post WW2? Kind regards, Gerd V
  3. Thanks for the comments. The 'Inshallah Airlines' is actually being worn by US mentors who escort ANA's who transit through Kabul Airfield. I've seen it worn by US Marines and Army. The 'three star' patch is acually my Belgian captains patch I had made overhere by a local taylor. The red beret flash is an Afghan attempt at redoing my own beret flash :-)
  4. Hi, Here are some Afghan made patches I've gathered. :thumbsup:
  5. My small contribution. Not a perfect condition item, but nice to share here I think. Kind regards, Gerd
  6. Hi, Just a quick question regarding the use of the nylon type name tape and US ARMY-tape on Vietnam tropical combat shirts... From about what time were nylon tapes used? Is it logical to see a nylon name tape and ARMY tape placed horizontally on non-rip-stop tropical combat shirt. The shirt has a merrowed edged Big Red One insignia on the shoulder. All appears to be good worn and originally applied. (Meaning the shirt never had other previous insignia). I also see pin holes of a rank pin on each collar point. Kind regards, Gerd V
  7. Hi, Yes that guy who had that deck for sale was me... They didn't sell, so I put the deck back in my collection. I have about 4 complete decks of Bicycle secret weapons, 2 that are still sealed. The value is price and demand I think... Kind regards, Gerd V
  8. Thanks for the reply and the help Bill! Yes, the variations that existed were numerous. So far I've learnt that the material or card stock of this card with brown background is made of rice paper plant. But it's a good one! :-) Kind regards, Gerd
  9. Hi, Has anyone ever seen the type of card pictured on the right? It's as large as a 'Death From Above' card, and has a dark brown colored back side. The card isn't ordinary cardboard stock, but a very brittle material. If bended, I'm sure it would crack or break. Personally I believe it's original and have never seen anything like it... kind regards, Gerd V
  10. Hi, Just a small edit to the above post.... 'Bridge' cards are smaller in size than poler cards... So it won' be a bridge card. Bicycle does make more varieties in size than just these 2. So it will be another type of card. Kind regards, Gerd V
  11. Hi, The 'original' Bicycle "Secret Weapon" Ace of Spades cards were Bicycle 'rider back' poker cards, type 808, and decked in the "Secret Weapon" boxes. Of course Bicycle also produced other sizes of commercial playing cards. I believe this card is a type 86, Bridge card. Bridge cards are a bit larger than poker cards. Nice pic as it proves that different types Ace of spades were used occasionally. (Not only 'Bicycle' spades, but also 'Bee', etc...) The other photo is great is well... I should have been the highest bidder on that one 3 weeks ago .... :-p ;-) Kind regards, Ge
  12. Thanks for your thoughts. Any more opinions on these? Kind regards, Gerd
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