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  1. Hi D - I did check Baugher's website and nothing is listed for her unfortunately. However, the website Forgotten Jets (http://forgottenjets.warbirdsresourcegroup.org/F-101.html) has this to say about F-101B Voodoo 58-0339: >1978: Oregon ANG 123rd FIS. >11/1981: Transferred into storage at the AMARC bone yard. >Was preserved at Hill AFB, UT. >1987: Salvaged in Salt Lake City, UT. The person I bought the panel from bought it from the guy that said he scrapped the aircraft. Attached is a really small and poor photo that he sent me from the scrapper. It's a pity since you can't make anything out from the photo. The scrapper did say that this panel was the only Voodoo item he kept... I haven't been able to locate any photos of her yet from her time with the Oregon ANG. Does the "KK24" placard mean that her side # was 24? I did find a photo of her in flight with the 18th FIS. Interestingly, my Google search turned up some models and model decals with Oregon ANG markings for 58-0339. All have side # 18 though... -Derek
  2. Also acquired today was this Lockheed F-80 right horizontal stab cover. It's some sort of rubberized canvas material I believe. Not sure what I'm going to do with it but it's pretty neat, never seem one before! -Derek
  3. Hello - Here is something I picked up today - the front instrument panel from F-101B Voodoo 58-0339!! I was so excited to find and buy this piece of Cold War aviation history! What really make it great I think are the sub panels. I'm sure these are almost impossible to find? Anyway, on to the photos! Looks like I'll be after some instruments now to fill those holes -Derek
  4. Found another Little Rock AFB Olympic Arena pin, this time from 1977. It's a bit larger in diameter than the 1976 one I posted above last year. Are you still out there Carlos? Hope you are well sir. -Derek
  5. Hi Gents, Check out this visor cover I just received in the mail, all the way from the U.K. It was posted on the F-106 Facebook Group by a gentleman looking to confirm its I.D. It was apparently in with a bunch of HGU-26 spares and the owner had no use for it. Once I learned it was for sale, I jumped on it Fast forward two weeks and it's now here in my collection, back in the U.S.A. On the F-106 Facebook Group, a great photo was posted by a Mr. Art Compton leaving no doubt as to what unit this visor cover was from. This was his comment there: "Our 186th [FIS] patch featured the copyrighted image of Rick O’ Shay, by cartoonist Stan Lynde, who was born and died in Montana. His family member, Matt Lynde, was one of our pilots." I do have a plain white HGU-26 that I need to put this visor cover on. Perhaps I should also try and recreate the inverted "T" on the backside with reflective tape and dark blue vinyl tape? Is this type of reflective tape still out there? Surely blue vinyl tape would be easy to source but it might be tricky to match up... -Derek
  6. This must be the Sherman featured on a episode of "Pawn Stars" a few weeks ago. What a beauty! Rick was interested in it but the asking price was $1.5 million
  7. Even some blue plastic cover NATOPS manuals are in my small collection:
  8. I do buy them now and again when I can find them for a decent price! Here are some of mine.
  9. And here's a few of the site where the owner lives in the LCC. He found an original piston at a local scrapyard and can open one of his silo doors! These are photos inside the silo. You can see the previously mentioned spiral staircase in the second photo. It goes all 185 feet down to the bottom! Didn't mean to hijack your thread sir. -Derek
  10. Since those two photos were taken, more work as been done and it's looking better. Here's shot of level one. Also, the entryway into the LCC and the bottom of the silo doors looking up from level 2. -Derek
  11. Yes, these are hard to find items of course that you are very lucky to have purchased! Very cool to see them. I've been to several the Dallas-Ft Worth Nike sites and Abilene Nike sites (in addition to the Dyess Atlas sites) and it is pretty awesome to spend time exploring them, I agree. Also a bit sad to see them rotting away but at least some haven't been destroyed. One guy I know has completely renovated his LCC and is living in it. Most of his cribbing is still intact in the silo and it's amazing to see it. He has been all 185 feet down via the small spiral staircase. I chickened out last time I was there and didn't go down very far The other two I visit somewhat regularly are in the process of being cleaned and fixed up as a livable space. The bottom level of the LCC in one was completely underwater for may years. It was pumped out and is looking good. His cribbing is also intact but it's fallen down 20 feet or so. Almost like the scrapper cut the springs and just let it fall down into the silo. It's very strange and must have been loud as heck. His water level in the silo is pretty high, I'd say about 10 feet below level 2. The other base I visit had a dry LCC when purchased and entered 20 years ago. His water level in the silo isn't as deep, maybe 80' or so. Here's what 50+ years underwater looks like. This is level 2 of the LCC:
  12. That's a great helmet! Thanks for the photos. It is a bummer that the visor cover is so broken and that chunk is missing. Perhaps you can at least glue it back together at the rear visor track so that you can put a visor and visor knob back in it without messing too much with it. Worth a shot anyway I think! What does the flight suit look like? Are there any patches on it? -Derek
  13. Is this group sold? Love the US Army Primary Helicopter School patched fatigue tops... -Derek
  14. That's a pretty awesome light fixture as well, thanks for the photos. How do you know it came from a Little Rock AFB Titan I site, I am intrigued! Also, I don't suppose you have any extra goodies like that for sale? I have made friends with several owners of former Atlas F sites around Dyess AFB in Abilene, TX and I know they'd love to have stuff like this to put into their LCCs -Derek
  15. Wow, that's very cool! Where did you find something like this?! -Derek
  16. Very nice! It is in great shape. Thanks for the photo. -Derek
  17. Replacing the knob with the more common screw lock would be 100% easier. Heck, I even have a couple of complete blue knob assemblies in my parts drawer left over from an APH-6 restoration... BUT - I just can't do that with this 1950s, named helmet. The purist in me just won't allow it. I have posted a request for the part I need on Facebook. AMT369D - would you consider selling me the missing piece I need that you posted the photo of? Perhaps I can locate the spring I need to thread it all back together and make it work. I have a buddy with a big box of AR-15 springs that I will start looking through. -Derek
  18. Oh man... That's probably what this spring is then. It was in the box with everything and I didn't know what it was at the time! Even if I could locate the correct spring (something from an AR-15 lower parts kit comes to mind!), it would be really tricky to try and get it threaded. I wonder if that would be easier than trying to locate another one of these! -Derek
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