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  1. Very nice! It is in great shape. Thanks for the photo. -Derek
  2. Replacing the knob with the more common screw lock would be 100% easier. Heck, I even have a couple of complete blue knob assemblies in my parts drawer left over from an APH-6 restoration... BUT - I just can't do that with this 1950s, named helmet. The purist in me just won't allow it. I have posted a request for the part I need on Facebook. AMT369D - would you consider selling me the missing piece I need that you posted the photo of? Perhaps I can locate the spring I need to thread it all back together and make it work. I have a buddy with a big box of AR-15 springs that I will start looking through. -Derek
  3. Oh man... That's probably what this spring is then. It was in the box with everything and I didn't know what it was at the time! Even if I could locate the correct spring (something from an AR-15 lower parts kit comes to mind!), it would be really tricky to try and get it threaded. I wonder if that would be easier than trying to locate another one of these! -Derek
  4. They sure are. I just discovered this myself I don't think this is an easy part to come by either dang it. I don't see any for sale on flighthelmet.com. I wonder if I can find one on eBay. Crap...
  5. Well success today. I was finally able to unscrew that pesky visor knob with the help of a couple of small drill blanks from my buddy's machine shop I'll post some photos of this interesting, named grouping of flight gear soon. The former owner flew PV-1 Ventutras with VB-136 in the Aleutian Islands and then F9F-6 Cougars with the reserves in California post-war -Derek.
  6. Yes, it's from a old APH-5 (one of the first models?) - one with the leather tabs to secure the oxygen mask. If I can ever get that knob off, I'd like to post some photos of this named group here... -Derek
  7. Thanks. This one must have some corrosion because it is not coming off easy at all... ? I will work at it a bit and get back to you all. I don't want to rush it or force it and damage the knob as those are sort of hard to find. -Derek
  8. Don't I have to push down on the silver button first while turning it? Or I do just have to put something into one of the two holes and turn it not pushed down?
  9. Hi Gents, I need some help this morning. I can't for the life of me seem to remember how to unscrew and remove the blue visor knob from a 1950s USN APH-5 helmet and it's driving me crazy! I've done it before (with a smooth sided knob in the pic) and I think it has something to do with the two holes in the round silver cover but I am stumped this morning. I don't want to beak something - what am I missing?! The knob in question is below, it's a older stepped model knob but I'm sure they come off the same way?! Ugh... Frustrated in Texas - -Derek p.s. - I haven't posted this helmet and mask here before. I bought it with a named grouping. I'll be sure to post some photos of it here once some kind soul reminds me how to remove this visor knob! I need to do it since it's not attached to the visor and I want to reattach it. TIA!
  10. Wow, great photos and that patch is stunning in color Randy! What is it's length and width out of curiosity? -Derek
  11. Does it look like this helmet? This is an APH-5, used by the U.S. Army. Not to be confused with the APH-5 used by the U.S. Navy Post a photo or two if you can of your helmet! -Derek
  12. Very cool! Thanks for the picture of the yoke/wheel ?
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