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  1. That is a killer helmet! You sure find some good ones hutch... :) -Derek
  2. Thanks gents! I too am pleased at how the helmet turned out. A keeper for sure :) -Derek
  3. Thanks again for the comments. I am planning on adding the "BONDS" name tape in the future. I wish there was a way to salvage the gold visor Wayward Son but it's broken completely in half :( Those are rare birds and it makes it all the more sad... How cool would that have looked on this helmet!? I had some spare time this morning and I was able to gently clean and remove the bit of corrosion on the mask. It's looking much better now: And of course with the visor down: Happy New Year everyone!
  4. Great APH-6! Thanks for posting this one. -Derek
  5. Hello, Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Thanks tp fellow forum member 72psb (thanks Bob!), this helmet is ready for action again. I cleaned the grime and sticky gunk off the visor cover and shell using Formula 409 and soft scrub bathroom cleaner for the harder spots. I need to find a 1/2" wide Dymo tape gun to add the "Bonds" name back on the visor but other than that, she's looking good now: I was also fortunate to find an MBU-5/P mask with the "T" bayonets on eBay. It's got a little corros
  6. Thanks for the kind words everyone. You should have seen the wife's eyes roll when she saw this in the back of the truck "Another One?!?" No, I don't have an ejection seat problem!! hahahaha! :) I need to make some more space for this in my war room as you are right Steve, they do take up a lot of room! It's bigger than my F-106 seat for sure. I might have to find a new spot for my B-52 tail gunners seat... Chris - yes sir, having the s/n of the bird it came out of is always a BIG plus in my book. According to Joe Baugher's wonderful s/n listing website, this a/c
  7. Cool photos, thanks for sharing. I'm surprised that there is so much still there and that more hasn't "walked off" over the years! -Derek
  8. Nice helmet. I have several taped up dual-visor SPH-3Bs myself and I do love them. -Derek
  9. Hi Group, I purchased another ejection seat yesterday from a member here. He lives about an hour away from me and I went and picked this up from him in person. This is the front seat from F-101B Voodoo 56-292. Here's some photos: The seat is in pretty nice shape, missing many things as you can see. It just needs a bit of cleaning up. One thing I thought was cool was that the initiator is still in place. Those are pretty rare I think: He
  10. Haha, for sure...! This one came all the way from a fellow collector in Thailand so no telling!! I'm supposed to go check out the seat this up coming Wednesday (it's about a 70 mile drive to where it's located) so wish me luck T. I'll be sure to let you know what happens -Derek
  11. Hi Gents - Here's the latest shot of my panel. I am down to only needing 6 instruments now The search continues... I may also be the owner of a Voodoo ejection seat next week, stay tuned! -Derek
  12. Hi Gents - Here is my latest helmet purchase. I wasn't really looking for one but saw this helmet and the price was right so I just had to buy it I really like the early reflective tape added these helmets, the original owner was possibly an ADC interceptor pilot. And since I didn't have one in my collection... You get the idea! She's in rough shape but I can replace the missing and damaged parts pretty easily. The gold visor is very interesting, I am pretty bummed that it is cracked in half. I don't think those were very common?
  13. That orange flight suit is really killer, thanks for sharing! -Derek
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