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  1. Yes, just the usual stuff found in the knife pocket of a flight suit. Sorry for the poor photo this morning:
  2. Very interesting. I don't think I would have noticed that missing rivet either! I was at an antique shop over the weekend and ended up buying another Schrade Walden MC-1 since the price was cheap IMHO Still has a para cord wrapped around it. I already had one but now I have two...!! -Derek
  3. Hi Group, I picked these up at a semi-local antique shop this weekend. I don't normally collect these but the price was right on these old cut edge patches so I brought them home. Now these are 1950s made most likely? It is interesting how lettering seems thicker on the patch on the left. They will be for sale soon... -Derek
  4. I'd sure love to but I can't stop hahahahaha!!! You guys know how it is! I wanted to post a photo of the progress I've made with this panel so far. It's been fun learning about this panel and hunting for the correct instruments. I was unable to find a maintenance manual a fellow collector in Canada was kind enough to send me a list of instruments with their part numbers and stock numbers. That has been a BIG help... -Derek
  5. I installed the first instrument in the panel today - an Angle of Attack indicator I found on eBay -Derek
  6. That's the one I found also via Google... I just dropped the Hill AFB Museum a line to see if might have any photos or information about this a/c before it was scrapped. 1987 was a while ago so fingers crossed... -Derek
  7. Hi D - I did check Baugher's website and nothing is listed for her unfortunately. However, the website Forgotten Jets (http://forgottenjets.warbirdsresourcegroup.org/F-101.html) has this to say about F-101B Voodoo 58-0339: >1978: Oregon ANG 123rd FIS. >11/1981: Transferred into storage at the AMARC bone yard. >Was preserved at Hill AFB, UT. >1987: Salvaged in Salt Lake City, UT. The person I bought the panel from bought it from the guy that said he scrapped the aircraft. Attached is a really small and poor photo that he sent
  8. Also acquired today was this Lockheed F-80 right horizontal stab cover. It's some sort of rubberized canvas material I believe. Not sure what I'm going to do with it but it's pretty neat, never seem one before! -Derek
  9. Hello - Here is something I picked up today - the front instrument panel from F-101B Voodoo 58-0339!! I was so excited to find and buy this piece of Cold War aviation history! What really make it great I think are the sub panels. I'm sure these are almost impossible to find? Anyway, on to the photos! Looks like I'll be after some instruments now to fill those holes -Derek
  10. Found another Little Rock AFB Olympic Arena pin, this time from 1977. It's a bit larger in diameter than the 1976 one I posted above last year. Are you still out there Carlos? Hope you are well sir. -Derek
  11. Hi Gents, Check out this visor cover I just received in the mail, all the way from the U.K. It was posted on the F-106 Facebook Group by a gentleman looking to confirm its I.D. It was apparently in with a bunch of HGU-26 spares and the owner had no use for it. Once I learned it was for sale, I jumped on it Fast forward two weeks and it's now here in my collection, back in the U.S.A. On the F-106 Facebook Group, a great photo was posted by a Mr. Art Compton leaving no doubt as to what unit this visor cover was from. This was his comment there: "Our 186th [FIS] pat
  12. This must be the Sherman featured on a episode of "Pawn Stars" a few weeks ago. What a beauty! Rick was interested in it but the asking price was $1.5 million
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