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  1. "Painted at a later date" - who knows. Was it painted in 1952, or 1959??? The question is - Is it period. The answer is yes, and worth quite a bit more than $100.
  2. It seems as though I remember seeing this helmet on eBay not that long ago... The crack forward of the spade looks very familiar. Does anyone remember??
  3. Also, please keep in mind that I am always looking for certain Civil War, or pre-Civil War manuals, etc.
  4. I am inquiring about enlisted collar brass discs. I am aware that the screw-backs are WWII, or before, but there seems to be several different theories on how to date the clutch backs. The only thing that seems to be certain, are the clutches themselves. They must be smooth faced to be considered WWII production - but I would like to know more about the brasses themselves. Perhaps someone on here has some patent information??? Chris
  5. Does anyone have any definitive guidelines as to how to properly date collar brass? How to tell the difference beween WWII, and post war brasses??
  6. I have a bottle of the same! The guy that gave it to me was using it to clean his hunting rifles, not two years ago. I would be interested to see peoples responses as well. Chris
  7. Post #2 is incredible. I love that uniform! Chris
  8. Even so, without good provanance behind a piece, including documentation, the item is only worth what it would be without the name attached. Without strong supporting evidence, the name can be good to have, if true, but does not effect the value. Those who pay for provanance without sufficient proof of the claim is just a fool. Chris
  9. I will wager a guess - I would say that with all that solder that was used for the tongue, I would not say that this is current. Chris
  10. Speaking of Fort Dix, Brig - I have a Civil War dated letter pertaining to General Dix. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much of an interest on this board for that kind of thing.
  11. OK, after some searching, here you go! I was wrong, it's not AAF, but rather army. It's made of rayon, and when opened like a book, it exposes a pocket by which to store your hanky. Sorry for the background - it looks as though I had placed this on a giant fruit roll up. Chris
  12. Not a problem Brig - I will dig it out. Chris
  13. Brig, Nice piece of homefront memorabilia. Interestingly, I have an AAF "Hanky Cover", I guess what this would have been kept in! Chris
  14. The badge is absolute, positive junk. Not only is it a repro, but it's a nasty looking one at that.
  15. I think that you have it all wrong. This is the very rare M1-F that was used by the 1st SSF. I have one, but it is missing the legs. Chris
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