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  1. Kat, Nope I haven't posted anything on here in a while. Need to come back a bit more regularly. J
  2. Hey Kat! Hope you're doing well! Been a while. Life's been interesting for the past year, aside from the pandemic, etc. We closed Katie's business in February, I sold the jeep then, got a new job offer at the end of the month, and we moved to Virginia in July. I'm now the Curator of Arms & Armor at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. So, no more jeep. New project is, I'm slowly but surely building a WW2 P-47 cockpit. Great to hear from you! J
  3. Just found an original Coldbar suit that is now headed to the Army QM Museum.
  4. Hi Terry, Been a while, and I hope all's well with you. Would it be possible to get measurements of the upper and lower arm tubes on your sight? I'm working on converting 67-15654 back to G standard (as much as possible) and I've got a line on a TAT-102B sight. The controller head is identical, but the flex mount is different. We can fabricate the correct size, but I don't have an accurate one to work from, and there are none in the Army system outside of the two installed on the G models Bob has at USAAVNM. Thanks! Jon
  5. Thanks to you guys, we've now got a G model nose for 67-15654 (former A/4-77th ARA) and will be backdating her here at Fort Sill for exhibit in the Aerial Rocket Artillery exhibit of the Field Artillery Museum!
  6. I've got one very similar to that in my P-47 panel.
  7. How are they stocked for WW2 instruments? I've got a P-47 panel I'm looking to finish. Can you post or PM contact information? Thanks! Jon
  8. Interesting, I'd seen it interpreted that the direction of the arrow determined which battalion. I'd assumed pointing up and to the left was 2nd AAMG and down and to the right was 1st. I've identified this one as 2nd, since I was able to match Hagen's name on the 2nd AAMG officer roster with his uniform.
  9. Here's Hagen's uniform. As you can see the arrow goes from bottom right to upper left. 1st AA MG battalion goes from upper left to bottom right.
  10. Hi all, Sorry I'm late to the game here. Ranger-1972 cites the correct information regarding WWI AAA units. Kirkpatrick's book is literally pulled verbatim from the primary source documents at the National Archives. I've been through all of them and have read "Archie in the AEF" several times as I've been developing our WWI AAA storyline. Of the battalions organized, only the 1st and 2nd AAA Gun Battalions saw combat. Same goes with the AAA MG Bns. Several separate Batteries saw combat as well, beginning in April 1918. The 5th (separate) AAA Battery was a semi-fixed French 75 Batter
  11. Still hunting for a photo of this airplane. My granddad served in the 83rd from Normandy to the end. I've gotten a few shots of 109s from other Association legacy members, but so far no one has found a photo of the flyable 109. I definitely want to build a model of this airplane. Here's my addition to the captured 83rd vehicles. Photo by 1Lt. Julius Goldman, F/330th.
  12. I'll be there with two of my buddies. We've got a few tables. Will see if I can dig out my USMF hat, otherwise I'll probably be wearing my Hanchey AAF shirt. See you all there! Jon
  13. Thanks AZ! Tub's home and I've started cleaning it up. Gotta get it blasted and do some minor metal work on it. More to follow in two weeks since this weekend is the Heartland Militaria Show.
  14. Thanks RC! Yeah Ive gotta double check my grounding straps. Pretty sure Ive got everything, but as you said, theyre really finicky. I did take a major step forward today though. Got a 42 GPW tub thats in far better shape than mine. It needs some minor metal work and will be able to pretty much drop onto my frame. Baby steps!
  15. Well, both me and the project are still alive. Life's been busy and the jeep's been on hold for a bit, since my wife has started a new business. Now that that's starting to be self sustaining, I'm getting some time and funding to get back to the jeep. When last I posted, I don't think I'd actually had the engine turning over. It's actually cranked a bit, but the starter isn't producing enough kick to get it going. Gotta get the starter rebuilt and try it again. Also just made a deal for a complete tub in better shape than mine. Ultimately I will restore Race Horse's original tub, b
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